Fall Race Planning

With several fall races coming up I’ve been trying to do a little race trip planning!

Hartford is pretty easy, it’s not so  much a “destination” trip as a trip home. We’ll be staying at my moms house which is about half an hour away from downtown Hartford and we’ll hopefully get to see some friends and family for dinner after the race.

Wine & Dine pretty much feels like it’s on auto-pilot since it’s my 5th year doing this race and because we plan on doing a lot of our eating at the Food & Wine Festival and checking out some of the new places at Disney Springs I haven’t had to do too much planning for that one (although I still need to book flights!).

So, Washington D.C. and the Marine Corps Marathon…

This will be my third race trip down to DC in 2 years and I honestly LOVE it!  There is just so much to see and do in DC, I really wish we could spend an entire week down there!

Two years ago my mom and I went down to DC when I ran the Marine Corps Marathon for the first time.  It was a quick trip so pretty much everything we did was race related – expo, Runner’s bRUNch and race!

In the spring of 2014, I headed back to DC for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run and this time made sure to plan for plenty of sightseeing!

Daniel, Patrick and I visited The Capitol, checked out a few museums and took a bike tour of the monuments!

Bike Tour Collage

It was such a great trip and I’ve been looking forward to going back to DC since!

Unfortunately because of our school/ work schedules Jason and I will only be able to spend a few days in DC and unfortunately all of our “touring” time will be BEFORE the marathon which is on Sunday, so I’ll have to be cautious about not being on my feet too much before the race!

Our hotel has been set for awhile and I finally booked our flights (why are flights SO expensive right now?!?). 

We have all day Friday and Saturday to do stuff, but like I said I don’t want to over do it on my legs, so we’re planning on picking 1 or 2 things a day we want to do and then making sure to take breaks in between.

DC & GRE book

DC planning & studying on the beach!

So far I’ve booked us a tour of Arlington Cemetary and we’d definitely like to go to the Holocaust Museum.  I’m trying to come up with a few “off feet” things we can do too.  Maybe even just bring a book, grab a coffee and hang out at The National Mall reading for awhile?

I’m also SO excited for this trip to see the We Run Disney ladies – my MCM partner in crime, Christine and her mom Pam!
Boston Marathon Pam and ChristineChristine and I ran Marine Corps together 2 years ago (her first marathon!) and I’m so excited to re-unite for our encore performance!  (Although I’m super nervous about being able to keep up with her!)

I definitely have a busy fall season of running coming up, but they’re all races I’m really looking forward to not only running, but getting to see lots of running friends at!

Any DC “must-do” sights in DC?
Suggestions for “off feet” activities??

14 thoughts on “Fall Race Planning

    • I actually thought about that, it would be so much fun! I think it would be a bit much for the legs right before a marathon though…

      And I’m going to have to check out the bagel place you posted about! Do you know the Arlington area at all? I’m looking for a good breakfast/ brunch place…

      • I don’t spend much time in Arlington–there’s Robert E. Lee’s house at the National Cemetery which is close and, of course, Mt Vernon further out. Old town Alexandria is also a nice place to walk around/hang out and I’ve heard good things about the Torpedo Factory if you’re into art (http://torpedofactory.org/) In Georgetown on the waterfront there’s Farmers, Fishers, Bakers which is owned by the people who run Founding Farmers so if you like that place it’s an option that’s closer to you. Oh, and depending on where you are in Arlington, the Circulator is cheaper than metro and will probably take you where you need to go in DC (you can use a smart trip card for it like you would with metro and it’s only $1, and it goes into Georgetown down M street)

        • Thanks! We’re staying in Arlington pretty close to the Marine Corps Memorial so I know we have a metro stop nearby – I remember last time it was super convenient to be near the finish line after the race!

          I think we’re going to do a tour of Arlington National Cemetery Saturday morning so I’m just looking for some place to do breakfast before that!

  1. Let’s see, if you’re staying in Roslyn, it’s a quick walk/bus/cab across the river to Georgetown, where there are a plethora of delicious food options. I’m partial to Baked & Wired for caffeinated beverages + amazing cupcakes/baked goods (skip the line down the street at Georgetown Cupcakes!), Pizzeria Paradiso for thin crust, Italian-style pizzas, and Kafe Leopold for a delicious, European-style brunch.
    There are not a whole lot of places that aren’t generic chain restaurants in Roslyn, but if you take the metro one stop west to Clarendon (you can even walk, but there’s a huge hill!), there are a bunch of great places to eat there — I recently had a great brunch at Lyon Hall, and there’s an awesome wine/cheese bar called Screwtop, I believe — that may be best for after the race!
    In terms of stuff to do that involves sitting, you could consider a kayak rental out of one of the Georgetown boathouses, or maybe a movie downtown at the E Street Cinema, which shows some cool independent/documentary films, if you’re into that sort of thing!
    Let me know if you need any more suggestions — I’m running the 10k and then I’ll be out cheering for the marathoners, so I hope to see you out there on the course!

    • This is SO helpful, thank you! We’re planning on doing a tour of Arlington Cemetery on Saturday morning, so I was hoping to find a place for breakfast/ brunch beforehand, I’ll definitely look into some of these places. Oh and the pizza place sounds great too!

      Do you know when you’re going to go to the expo?? I’d love to say hello! And be sure to let me know where you’ll be on the course if you know so I can look!

      • I’d love to meet up at the expo! I’ll probably go midday on Saturday, but I’m flexible and could probably be convinced to go at another time… (as long as it’s not while I’m at work on Friday). We’re still working out a cheer strategy, but we’re thinking about being either on or just after the 14th St bridge at mile 21; then we can hop over and see people at mile 24/25 too. Will keep you posted!!

  2. I loooove DC! It feels like there’s always something new to see, and there are so many museums/monuments/attractions that we missed out on during our last race-cation there.

    It’s funny because I pretty much have every second of our itinerary planned for the W&D trip; I’m such a dork, it’s ridiculous, lol. Hope to see you there!!

    • I literally haven’t planned ANYTHING for Wine & Dine! I feel like I should but as much as I love the race and I can’t wait for it, I hate the micro planning with Disney, I just want to be able to go and enjoy it!

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