Weekly Training Recap

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging very much recently and let me tell you I miss it!  

I’ve been busy and slightly overwhelmed with everything I’ve had going on the past few months, but hopefully my schedule should be slowing down a little soon and on top of that I’m working to get a little more organized – see, I even bought myself this awesome planner to help!

Passion Planner

(If you’re not familiar with Passion Planner, seriously check it out, this thing is awesome and just what I needed!  This post isn’t sponsored by them or anything, I just love it!)

RECAP (9/8-9/13)

Monday – 90 minutes yoga on the beach

Tuesday –  5 mile run

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – none

Friday – 3 mile run

Saturday – rest day & long run prep!

While I love summer, we’re beginning to see signs of fall and I couldn’t be more excited – cooler temps are much welcome for runs and beach time!

Beach Fall

Sunday – 18 mile run

Post long run walk with Maddie decked out in my compression pants and Oofos!  SO glad I’m finally getting around to trying out Oofos, they are so ridiculously comfortable on my achy feet after a long run!

Oofos with Maddie

Weekly Mileage –  26 miles 

 2015 Mileage – 576.5 miles

Next Week

Monday – rest/ recovery

Tuesday – 5 mile run

Wednesday – speed work (Falmouth Track Club)

Thursday – yoga

Friday – 3 miles

Saturday – rest day

Sunday – 20 miles


My 18 mile run certainly wasn’t what I hoped it would be, I struggled with a lot of foot and knee pain, but I got it done and I guess when it comes down to it that’s what matters!

I am trying to figure out why my legs feel so tired all the time recently, right now I’m chalking it up to being on my feet all day at work.  I’ve been doing my best to counteract that with legs up the wall, foam rolling and icing, so hopefully I’ll start seeing some results soon and my legs will stop feeling like lead on my runs!

How do you keep yourself organized?

What’s your favorite post long run recovery?

13 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Nice work on pushing through your 18 miler–that’s a lot of miles! I’m getting ready to order a new planner soon, I’ll have to check out the Passion Planner! I’m totally lost without having it all down on paper.

  2. That looks like a great planner! I’m so not that organized. I use Google calendar and a random assortment of post-it notes. Hmmm, maybe I need a better system! Good luck getting through this busy patch. I feel you!

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  4. Ha! I for one am glad you haven’t been blogging as much because I’m so far behind in reading! I really need a planner in my life and I really like the look of yours! I need to check it out!

  5. I love the Erin Condren planners and even buy colored markers to write in all the appointments etc. A little obsessed maybe! Aren’t OOFOS the best shoes ever after running? I told several nurses at Tufts Medical Center about them last week and they all planned to purchase a pair. They are perfect for anyone on their feet alot. Excited to see you in a few weeks in DC! MCM is getting close.

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