The Great Glass Slipper Search

So I have this theory that when you slip the right running shoe on your foot you’ll just know.

You’ll take those first few steps and think, “YES!  I found it, this is IT!”

It’ll be a perfect fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper.

slipper & shoe

I’m currently in the market for some new running shoes and I’m having a problem…

I’m not finding my glass slipper!

I’ve tried on pair, after pair, after pair and I just can’t decide on anything!  (Plus I’m sure I’m driving the staff at my local Marathon Sports CRAZY!  Luckily it’s my friend Dave and my husband though, so at least one of them is used to dealing with my crazy!)

I’ve never been hugely married to one brand when it comes to running shoes.  I’m currently rotating between 3 different brands for all my running, but unfortunately the two I use for long distance are on their way out and desperately need to be replaced!

Swiftwick Socks and Sneakers

One of the great things about attending the Marathon Sports run club is that we occasionally have a reps from different running companies come with sneakers for us to demo on our runs – it’s such a great way to try out new brands and running gear!

Recently a rep from Hoka One One came and that definitely added to my confusion!  I had never really considered running in Hoka’s before, but after trying them out at run club last week I really liked them!


Then I tried on a pair of New Balance, which I’ve never run in either, and I really liked them too!

The problem is I’m not 100% sold on either.

As part of my “research” I even took my Brooks Launch lobster shoes out for a run (they had previously only been indoor/ wear to work shoes).

Brooks Sneakers

Fortunately a quick run ruled those out as my “glass slipper”.

So I’ve narrowed it down to 3…and I REALLY need to just make a decision!

Seriously, does anyone else have this much trouble deciding on sneakers or is it just me?!?

How do you choose your running shoes?

16 thoughts on “The Great Glass Slipper Search

  1. The demos with the tech reps that come to my local running shop are helpful. But it is a continuing journey. I prefer a shoe to disappear under my feet..if it does it is a big winner for me. I’ve been a Newton fan for so long now, but the newest hokas are winning the primary spots in the rotation..they’re awesome!

    • Yeah, I really did like the Hoka’s when I tried them…I am waiting for my store to get in a size for me to try on, but as of now as long as it fits I think I’m leaning towards the Hoka – glad to hear you like it!

  2. i have a hard time too. for me its so hard to tell in the store. really only know once i get home if they are the ‘perfect pair.’ as someone who is already a bit of a fickle shopper, i feel your pain!

  3. I judge a good shoe store by how many pairs of shoes they want me to try on. If I’ve tried on 5 or more pairs, then I know they’re good! I have to buy a new pair, and should have a month or so ago, so I can’t help the confusion!

  4. No advice here, I’ve been running in the same brand/model for over a year. While they aren’t my perfect “glass slipper” shoes, they work and don’t seem to cause any problems, so I just roll with it. Good luck with your decision!

  5. My feet and biomechanics seem to be married to Asics. That’s a problem when Asics changes their shoes to the point where I don’t have a good fit. That happened a couple years ago.

  6. I have been wearing the Brooks Ravenna model for a long time, over 4 years. I’ve had additional fittings to make sure I am in the right shoe, but these continue to be my glass slipper

  7. I always struggle to find running shoes because I need stability (I overpronate severely enough that my left leg goes numb in regular shoes), but when I went shopping for a pair of trail running shoes, I tried on several pairs, and when I got to the La Sportiva ones (I think they are called Bushido), they went on like a glove and as soon as they were on my feet, I was like, these are the ones. And I have loved them ever since!

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