Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (8/10-8/16)

Monday – 3 mile run + stairs 5x 

Inspired by my friend Dani at Weight Off My Shoulders who runs the stairs at Harvard Stadium weekly I’ve decided to try to add some stairs into my training – it’s not quite Harvard stadium, but the view was nice! 

Stair Running

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – none

Thursday – taught 2 hour SUP yoga

Friday – 3 mile run

Saturday – Cape Cod Love Yoga Fest (6 hours of yoga!)

What an amazing day, I can’t wait to write more about it!

Love Yoga Fest Collage

Sunday – Falmouth Road Race (7 miles)

Really not one of my better runs. It was SOOOO HOT and my legs were exhausted from all the yoga the day before!

FRR Collage

Weekly Mileage –  13 miles 

2015 Mileage – 493 miles

Next Week

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – much needed massage, I can’t wait!

Wednesday – speed work (Falmouth Track Club)

Thursday – yoga (REALLY hoping to get to a class!)

Friday – teach 1 hour aqua yoga & run

Saturday – 16 miles

Sunday – teach yoga on the beach & rest/ recovery


Such a great, but incredibly busy weekend!

I loved every minute of the yoga festival and despite having a touch run on Sunday during the race, I enjoyed sharing the experience with Jason, my cousin and so many of my friends – recaps of both coming soon!

The beginning of this week is all about recovery and prep heading into my long run this weekend!

Danielle and Jason FinishHow do you bounce back after a tough race?

Would you rather a HOT race or a rainy race??


2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Oo, that’s a tough call. Rain could mean excessive chafing, but at least the temperature would be better. I’m sorry to hear you had a tough time at Falmouth, but hopefully the Yoga Love Fest made up for it 🙂

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