A Weekend with Potential for Epic-ness!

Ok, let’s get one thing out of the way now…

…this weekend has the potential to be EPIC!

Second, please excuse the horrendous quality of some (most) of the photos in this post – the lighting is terrible when I take pictures inside at night!

On Saturday my friend Meredith are heading to the Cape Cod Love Yoga Fest.

Love Yoga FestI am so excited to attend this local yoga festival this year (I’ve actually never even attended a yoga festival like this before!).  I’m registered for several classes including one with 97-year young international yoga teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch and a 2 hour handstand workshop – I can’t wait!

And Sunday is the Falmouth Road Race!

Jason and I went to the expo last night and picked up our race bibs…

Bib Pic…and checked out the race merchandise.

I personally love that the Falmouth Road Race does a coffee mug, reusable bag, race program and poster as their race swag as opposed to the usual t-shirt.  The race sponsor New Balance always has great shirts at their booth and it’s nice to be able to choose a shirt you’ll actually wear as opposed to whatever you’re given.

FRR Expo Collage

Center Photo: Mine & Jason’s Expo Purchases    Right Photo: Race Swag

While this will be my third year running the Falmouth Road Race (you can check out recaps from previous years HERE), it’s Jason’s first time and I can’t wait to share this race experience with him!  (Plus Kellie and my Hartford-Disney Double partner in crime Patrick are going to be in town for the race – I expect much lobster and ice cream will be consumed!)

It’s definitely going to be a busy weekend, but I can’t wait!

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8 thoughts on “A Weekend with Potential for Epic-ness!

  1. Uh oh…there’s a hoodie?!?! Doug is going to need to come to the expo with me and supervise.

    Also, down for the lobster, down for the ice cream, but he was not down for the lobster ice cream lol See you soon! 🙂

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