For Immediate Release – Contract Signed for the Hartford/ Disney Double!

Cape Cod, MA, August 11, 2015 – Today Danielle Nardi and Patrick Lazatin have announced that they have come to terms on an agreement to complete the Hartford/Disney Double.  This agreement, which is believed to be a first of it’s kind, commits both runners to complete both the Hartford Marathon on October 10th, 2015 and the Walt Disney World Marathon exactly 3 months later on January 10th, 2016.

The Marathon Agreement

This agreement has been the result of lengthy negotiations between Nardi and Lazatin over the past few months.  Lazatin held out on registering for the Walt Disney World Marathon despite pressure from Nardi, but was later able to turn around and use the still not sold out race as a bargaining tool to get Nardi to join him for the Hartford Marathon.

Nardi has a long history with the Hartford Marathon having partnered with the event for several years when she worked in Hartford and then going back to volunteer for both registration and as an elite athlete escort at the race in 2013.  Nardi also has a lot of family in the area and hopes that she will have their support on race day for the hometown advantage.

This historic agreement also includes a provision for two long training runs that must be completed by both runners together, one leading up to the Hartford race and one leading up to the Disney race.

Nardi and Lazatin have completed many races together over the past few years including the New York City Marathon, the Falmouth Road Race, and many runDisney events and have proven to be a great team.

Danielle & Pat running

To add to the challenge, Nardi is already planning to run the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon in support of the Organization for Autism Research with Mrs. Christine Suter just two weeks after the 26.2 miles in Hartford.

The Nardi-Lazatin team is excited to have a third member for the Walt Disney World Marathon as Nardi’s husband, Jason, will be joining them for his first marathon.

With the agreement signed, both Nardi and Lazatin look forward to kicking off their training as they run the Falmouth Road Race together this weekend.

To follow their training and to get race day updates be sure to follow both runners on Twitter and Instagram at @dnard710 and @InIronsPL.

10 thoughts on “For Immediate Release – Contract Signed for the Hartford/ Disney Double!

  1. Miss Nardi, do you have any comment on rumors that coordinated costumes will not be worn for the runDisney event since they were excluded from the contract?

    • As of right now both parties deny that there are plans for coordinated costumes. The contract does leave this topic open for further negotiation and should an agreement be reached a statement will be made to the public.

  2. Since you were already consulting with legal council over the participation of said marathon, you really should have had said council review the terms of the aforementioned contract before signing anything.

    Said council is also a notary if you need to make it more official. After all, most contracts are invalid if not notarized. You need to be aware of such loopholes.

    Just sayin 😛

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