Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (6/15-6/21)

Monday – none (fly home from Virginia!)

Tuesday – 3 miles (run club)

Wednesday – none

Thursday – none

Friday – 75 minute yoga class & 3.7 mile run (Rogue Run Club!)

So are you wondering what “Rogue Run Club” is??  It’s basically when our group of run club friends decides that seeing each other to run once a week just isn’t enough so we go rogue and plan our own groups runs at different fun locations!  (Usually followed by beer and food of course!)

Rogue Run Club

Saturday – taught 90 minute Yoga on the Beach Class!

Almost 3 years ago I wrote a post about taking my first yoga on the beach class.  Since then I not only regularly attended the class when I was up on the Cape over the summers (it’s walking distance from where I live now!), but I’ve become friends with the wonderful couple who teach the classes, Nancy & Don.

When they made plans to head out of town for the weekend for their anniversary and Father’s Day, I was thrilled when they asked me if I’d cover their class for them!

I was definitely nervous since they have a lot of regulars who love their classes, but it went so well and it was amazing to share a yoga practice under the warmth of the sun with the soundtrack of the ocean – such a special experience!

Teaching YOTB

Sunday – 3 miles  (Wow was it humid!)

Weekly Mileage –  9 miles 

2015 Mileage – 370 miles


Despite our busy schedules with school and work, Jason and I are doing our best to appreciate and enjoy this amazing place that where we live (it is why we moved up here after all!).

Beer on the Beach

I do have a little bit more time this week, so I PROMISE (you are all my witnesses!) I am going to get my Marine Corps training plan written out this week!

The humidity is starting to get bad here though and I’m really not looking forward to these tough months of running!  (Yesterday I tweeted that I intentionally didn’t complain about the cold and snow this winter so I’d reserve the right to complain about the heat and humidity!)

I personally would much prefer running in the cold & snow than heat & humidity!

What’s your favorite/ least favorite weather to run in??

Anyone taking any fun trips this summer?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

    • Haha, heat, no, you win hands down. But I bet we’d give you a good run for your money in humidity – the other day we were at 98% humidity, I felt like I was running with a plastic bag over my head, it was BRUTAL!

    • I agree, as cold as it may feel at the start of a run I usually warm up pretty quickly, it has to be REALLY cold for me to continue to be bothered by it on a run. Humidity on the other hands, it’s bad and then just keeps getting worse…

    • That’s so interesting that something like that changed after having a baby! I have to say temperature wise it’s been very comfortable here, but even without the heat the humidity has been bad!

  1. Your yoga on the beach sounds fantastic! I’m super disappointed that we won’t be making it to the Cape this summer — we have family in Yarmouth and East Dennis and it’s been our annual family summer trip for all but maybe 4-5 years of my life. But we are taking a 10-day trip back to Seattle for a dear friend’s wedding, and I will be running Ragnar Northwest Passage with my old running group while I’m there! I’m looking forward to returning to the low humidity in Seattle; I was never a runner in my previous life on the east coast, and now I’m remembering how unpleasant summer running is here! Blech.

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