Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (4/20-4/26)

Monday – rest (taught 1 yoga class)

Boston Marathon Day!

While unfortunately I couldn’t be in Boston for the marathon I did dress the part of marathon spectator at work and was able to watch most of the race and track my friends that were running!  Next year I am definitely planning on taking the day off to go!

Boston Strong

Tuesday – 3 mile run

Wednesday – Falmouth Track Club Workout, 4 miles

Spring Fitness Testing – this is a workout that the group will do periodically to be able to gage progress.  I can’t wait to start going to the workouts regularly and then see how I do next time!

1 mile warm up

200m – missed b/c I was leading yoga for the previous group

400m – 3:36

1600m – 7:37

200m – 1:41

400m – 3:36

1600m – 7:41

**I should also note that I am pretty sure that these are the fastest miles I have EVER run!  I love having a group to run with to motivate me to push myself harder than I would on my own!

Thursday – rest day (taught 2 yoga classes)

Friday – 75 minute yoga class (& taught 1 hour yoga)

Saturday – 6 mile run

We worked on handstands in the yoga class I went to Friday and since then I can’t resist randomly popping up into handstands!


Sunday – rest day

Weekly Mileage –  13 miles 

2015 Mileage – 274 miles


So glad I made it to the Falmouth Track Club workout, I am so lazy about getting speed work in so this is a great way for me to start doing it regularly!

Jason and I were supposed to do a 12 mile run this weekend, but we decided to push it to Monday since I switched my work schedule around a bit and really needed to get some school work and studying done this weekend!

Do you adjust your training plan if needed or just stick to it?

Who has a race coming up soon? 

Jason and I have a half in less than a month!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. oh you can do a handstand!!! So jealous!! Any tips? I can do headstand, and have held a forearm stand for 6-8 seconds (though not consistently) but just can’t get the darn handstand!

    • How are you currently practicing handstand? I know a lot of people work on it against a wall and personally I don’t like teaching it that way because you actually sort of overshoot vertical and then once you move away from the wall it’s harder to find that vertical “sweet spot”.

      This is a good article, I like the “half handstand” prep pose for finding the feel for the proper alignment. Let me know if that helps or if you have any specific questions!

  2. Nice handstand! I definitely fiddle with my schedule all the time. I’m sure I could be faster and stronger if I stuck to the plan more, but c’est la vie. I have three races in the next 3 weeks, but they’re all relatively short, so I’m just doing maintenance right now.

    • I’m the same way, I’m sure I could improve my times if I stuck to a training plan, but I’m doing what I can for now! At least I’m still running regularly!

  3. Super jealous of your handstand! That’s one of the things I want to work on for CrossFit. Anything involving body weight is such a disaster for me! And look at you speedy McSpeedster with those mile times! Awesome job!

    • How do you guys practice handstands in CrossFit, against a wall? The yoga journal article I posted in a comment above has a good way to sort of learn them that I personally thing helps put you in better alignment…

      • Yes and no. If we’re doing handstand push-up or hold, it’s against the wall, but we (meaning the strong people not me), do them in the middle of the room too for handstand walks. I’ll check out that article! Thanks!

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