Cape Cod Adventures

Happy Fourth of July!

We don’t typically do anything too special for the 4th since Jason usually has to work.  I’ve been up on Cape Cod for a few days and Jason was supposed to come up late tonight, but he unexpectedly got today off so he drove up last night!

Unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be a rainy one with some thundershowers so we’ll most likely make ourselves comfy on the couch and have a movie marathon!  (Any movie suggestions??)

Madison’s been testing out her new 4th of July outfit, which will come in handy for either fireworks or thunder, whichever we get!

Thunder Shirt

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be up on Cape Cod, Jason and I look forward to this all year long!

Of course I immediately headed to yoga on the beach the first morning I was here…IMG_3808

…and opted for paddle board yoga the next morning!


I love that I can keep up a regular yoga practice while I am up here, with beach yoga walking distance from our place and paddle board yoga less than a 5 minute drive away – and good things it’s so close cause this is how I got my boards there!

IMG_0290I also went to the local Marathon Sports run club the other night!  It was actually really cool (as in fun…not temperature…it was definitely NOT temperature cool!), they had reps from two different companies there who had different sneakers, tops and socks we could borrow to test out on the group run.  We went out for a 3 mile loop and they even had a water stop set up at the halfway point!

Definitely looking forward to joining the group on Tuesday nights for the next few weeks while I’m up here!  (Although REALLY not looking forward to running in this humidity…it’s been BRUTAL!)

Since Jason and I have been coming to Cape Cod for the past few summers and usually stick to going to the beach and the occasional whale watch I’ve decided to try to branch out and do a few new things this summer!

First up was a trip to the Cape Cod Lavender Farm!

I LOVE lavender and I think it’s safe to say this was a Cape Cod adventure Jason would be fine missing out on so I figured I’d go before he got up here!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at a lavender farm, but after driving down a long dirt path I eventually came upon this adorable little cottage!

Cape Cod Lavender Farm

I picked out a few lavender scented products and a small bunch of fresh harvested lavender…

Lavender Products

…and was told I could walk down a short path to visit the lavender fields and their “enchanted garden”!

Cape Cod LavenderI don’t think I spent more than a half hour there, but as someone who loves lavender I’m glad I took a drive to check it out!

Stay tuned for more Cape Cod adventures this summer!  Some of the things I’m looking at are a full moon paddle, a kayak trip to a lighthouse and a photo tour or some of the scenic harbors!

Do you ever do “tourist” things when you’re not necessarily a tourist?

8 thoughts on “Cape Cod Adventures

  1. Mmmm, lavender. Cinderella has the same Thundershirt! It really helps for car rides and storms. I was totally skeptical when I got it. It doesn’t get rid of her anxiety totally, but it definitely helps calm her down.

    • Madison loves the car so no need for it there! It seems to be helping a bit for the fireworks we’ve heard so far but I can’t quite tell if it’s tight enough on her since she was sort of between sizes…

  2. We had stopped at a lavender farm on our bike ride down from the volcano on our honeymoon…I LOVE lavender, probably because it’s one of the few things that actually helps to relax me. I can’t wait to hear about your other adventures! I’m jealous already 🙂

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