Disney Family Fun Run 5k

3.1 miles done, 39.3 to go!  

Here’s the Disney Family Fun Run 5k in a few photos!

My mom, sister and I were all doing the 5k (my dad was supposed to do it, but he managed to hurt his knee Wednesday night so he was on the injured list for this one…hopefully we’ll get him to do one next time!).

Alarm went off at 4am and we were on the bus to the start by 5am…

Waiting at the pre-race area, starting line over my shoulder!

Waiting at the pre-race area, starting line over my shoulder!

…at 6:30am we were on our way!

DJN_1118 copy

The first part of the race was outside Epcot and at about 1 mile we entered the park by Mexico and ran a lap around the World Showcase.

We stopped to see Pluto in France…

…and I made a quick call in the United Kingdom…

IMG_0830…before we headed out of World Showcase and in to Future World!

5k Ball Photo

The end of the race took us out of Epcot and towards the finish in the parking lot!

5k Finish


So, how was the Family Fun Run 5k?  HUMID.  Seriously, it was brutal and the entire time all I could think was “how the heck am I going to run a half and full marathon in this!?!”  (And I was having MAJOR Tower of Terror 10 Miler flashbacks!)  I am actually pretty nervous about it and have been chugging water and Powerade all day to try to stay hydrated.

Oh, and totally unrelated, I have another great Disney server story for you (in case you missed it we had a great server at Coral Reef the other night)! Tonight’s story features Jimmy at The Wave restaurant at the Contemporary (which is SOOO good by the way!).  I am totally obsessed with their bread there, so not only did Jimmy give me a loaf to take back to the room (you know, carb loading and all…), but he made me a bread bracelet to nibble on as fuel during the race!  I almost fell out of my seat laughing when he presented it to me!

Bread Collage

So…now that I’ve made it through my first 3.1 miles (and I have plenty of race fuel!), it’s on to the main event…

4 Parks…

3 Medals…

2 Races…

1 Weekend…


10 thoughts on “Disney Family Fun Run 5k

  1. Looks like all but dad having a good time wish patti and I could’ve gotten over to cheer you all on. just need to know when and where were 30min away. wish
    j could’ve made it. texed happy B day and he’s realy disapointed he realy wanted to be there to cheer all on. Good luck to all and congrats to all ahead of time!!!

    J’s dad

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