Weekly Training Recap & Some VERY Special Disney Pics!

So, if you followed me on Instagram or Twitter during marathon weekend you may have seen that something magical happened (it is Disney after all!) and I had the opportunity to visit the Cinderella Castle Suite!

If you’re as big of a Disney fan as I am seeing the Castle Suite is probably high on your Disney wish list, and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint!  Here are a few photos from my visit…

Notice what time is on the clock!  It's almost one minute to midnight in the castle suite so the magic never ends!

Notice what time is on the clock!
It’s always one minute to midnight in the castle suite so the magic never ends!

Castle Polaroid

Yup…a once in a lifetime photo op and Dan closes his eyes!

Ok…now back to real life!

RECAP (1/14-1/20)

Monday – Walking around Disney, post Goofy recovery!


Showing Goofy my Goofy medal!

Tuesday – Walking around Disney and flight home to NY!

Wednesday – 90 minute yoga class

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class

Friday – rest day, my body was REALLY craving a full rest day!

Saturday – 75 minute restorative yoga class

Sunday – 3 mile run, foam rolling & stretching

Yoga/ Stretching – 4 hours and 15 minutes yoga

Weekly Mileage –   3 miles

Monthly Mileage – 56.4 miles

2013 Mileage – 56.4 miles 

Overall – I really wanted to let my body recover this week.  42.4 miles in one weekend is a lot more than I’m used to and I didn’t want to risk future injury by not taking the time to properly heal so I really focused on doing yoga and foam rolling this week.  I did go on my first post-Goofy run today, a short 3 miles which felt pretty good, although I’m not sure how I was thinking 45 degrees was “hot out” when I ran a marathon in almost 80 a week ago!

NEXT WEEK (1/21-1/27)

I’m starting classes this week (ahhh!) so it’ll be interesting getting used to a new schedule and figuring out a new running / yoga routine.  I’m also going to try to start looking for a spring race or two to keep me motivated over the next few months – any suggestions??

13 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap & Some VERY Special Disney Pics!

  1. So cool you got to see the Cinderella Suite! I got to visit the Dream Suite at Disneyland during the Tink Half last year–crazy cool. But the Cinderella Suite–even cooler!!

  2. So jealous! I wish I could get in there! Although they probably shouldn’t let me in because I might never leave.

    And race suggestions…besides the Women’s Fitness Half on April 14, my friend who just race the Disney Half is doing the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May. (wow, how many times can I use the word “half” in one sentence?) Other than that, the only races I know are the Disney ones which I know you know already.

  3. How AWESOME! How did you get this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity??? Thank you for sharing, because that’s probably as close as I’ll ever get!!!

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