Marathon Weekend Expo

I hope you all don’t mind the quick photo re-cap posts because I think that’s about all I’m going to have time for this weekend!  I’ll definitely write more after I get back home, but I’d love to post at least something each day so you can all enjoy the weekend with me!

Today we went to the race expo at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports…

Expo Welcome


…where we picked up our race bibs…


…and race shirts…

All four race shirts!

All four race shirts!

…did a bit of shopping…



…and then headed back to the hotel to drop off our haul!

I’m about ready to get in bed to be up for race #1 tomorrow morning!  In the meantime here are a few more pictures from the WDW Marathon Weekend Expo!

2012 Expo

And if you think I was exaggerating about the heat:


Yikes!  Looks like I may have to re-think the time goal I had in mind for the full marathon!


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