2013 Goals & Growth

Happy New Year!

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions (probably because I could never keep them!), but I loved having my goals posted on the blog last year to keep me accountable for the things I wanted to work towards and it was great to be able to look back as 2012 came to a close and see how I did.  So, being January 1st and all it’s time for a new set of goals!

Running / Fitness Growth

Run a non-Disney Marathon

We all know I LOVE the runDisney events, but at the Disney races I do spend time stopping for character photos and absorbing the magic of running through the parks…I’d love to see how I do at a non-Disney marathon, see if my time improves at all without the stops (or maybe the stops and atmosphere are what keeps me going!).  Thinking about either Cape Cod, Hartford or Marine Corp for this year (anyone want to join?!?).

Start Doing Speed Work

I originally wrote “Half Marathon PR” for this item, but after some thought I changed it to “Start Doing Speed Work”.  I would like to PR my half marathon time, but in order to do that I need to start incorporating some speedwork in to my training, so I figured I’d make my goal/ growth item the speed work and hopefully the result will naturally be a PR!

Run 800 Miles

My goal for 2012 was 700 miles and I ended the year with 711.  An additional 89 miles is a big jump, but it works out to only an average of 7.5 more miles a month which is totally doable…plus if I want to run more than 1 marathon next year the additional training should make up for those miles pretty quickly!


Keep doing it!  I’ll be writing a separate post about this soon, but I really love all the benefits of yoga that I’ve been experiencing and I really want to make sure I keep practicing regularly.


Ok, here’s the scary one but I’m going to throw it out there – I want to do a triathlon.  I need to think through this one a bit (not to mention start swimming and biking!) but this one is sort of my “challenge yourself” goal for this year.

Personal Growth

The 5 Year Plan

All my focus is going to be on going back to school for the next few years.  I’ve outlined my 5 year plan in a previous post and I’m sure I’ll be writing about it a lot more coming up, but basically it involves 2 years or pre-requisite classes, taking the GRE’s and doing 50+ observation hours in a physical therapy setting all to then be able to apply to a 3 year Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.  Honestly I think that’s enough to really focus on for now so I’m going to leave it at that for personal goals!

Here’s to a great 2013 full of new experiences and challenges!

12 thoughts on “2013 Goals & Growth

  1. I LOVE speed work! It’s by far my favorite workout of the week – generally intense and over more quickly than lots of other workouts. The Run Less, Run Faster book has tons of great speed workouts and they give you recommended goal times for all of the distances. Happy (runDisney) New Year! 😀

    • Thank you so much for the book suggestion, I’m definitely going to take a look at it since I’m not even really sure where to start as far as speed work goes! Happy New Year, hope to see you in a few weeks!

  2. I concentrated on speed work in 2012 and finally PR’d —- at a Disney race!!! I love Disney races and doing other races leaves you wondering, ‘Where are the costumes? Where are the fairy wings?” Nothing beats a Disney race but it is probably easier to PR without all the Disney distractions!!!

    • Haha, I totally agree! I’ve done non-Disney halves before and honestly the first one I was like “oh my goodness, this is sooo boring!” – I actually PR’d it but I’m pretty sure it was because I was running fast so it would be over with!

  3. Speed work is on my list of things to work on for 2013. I think you’ll love triathlons! It is probably my favorite (although I’ve only done the short sprint distance ones). I really like the mix of the three sports.

    • Oh, I am sure I’m going to have to bug you with some questions about training for my first tri! I’m mostly worried about the open water swim (I’m always freaked out by creepy ocean stuff!) and biking in general…I need to find someplace to train because I am not a confident enough biker to train on roads with cars.

  4. If your accomplishments for 2012 were any indication (at least according to your blog lol) then you’ll be sure to have an amazing 2013 as well! Lots of luck!

    I have speed work on my list too…and starting a blog, so that way I’ll be held accountable for saying what I’m going to do less inclined to cave to my “but I’m tired” days.

      • Will do! I think I may finally have a name for it…if it took me that long just to come up with a name, I can’t imagine how long it will take me to figure out how to write it!

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