Goofy Goals

With the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge just over a week away I thought I’d share my plan and goals leading up to the race and race weekend!

Last year year for the full marathon (my first) I realized as I started running that I didn’t really have a plan…was I going to try to straight run it? was I taking walk breaks? how many? when?  My training hadn’t gone so well and as I crossed the starting line it occurred to me that this was probably NOT the ideal moment for me to begin contemplating my plan for the next 26.2 miles.

This year I’m adding a 5k and a half marathon, my training has been going great and I have a plan going in to race weekend!


So, here it is…

Now until Florida

From now until the time I leave for Florida (less than a week!) I’ll be focusing on getting my body ready to run 42.4 miles in 3 days – that means hydrating, foam rolling, lots of yoga and a few short runs.  Oh, and packing!  Ugh…so much to pack for this race!  I love the packing list Jenn has on her blog Eat, Sleep, Run, Disney and always print it out when I’m traveling to a race, it’s so helpful so that I don’t forget anything!

Wednesday – Leave for Florida!

My flight is on Wednesday the 9th.  I should be at my resort by abut 5:30pm and I’m contemplating a short run once I get there just to get used to running in the warm weather and to make sure the running clothes I was planning on for the races are ok.

Thursday – Race Expo

On Thursday I’ll go over to the runDisney expo to pick up my race bibs, check out the vendors and maybe stay and listen to some of the guest speakers.  Other than that I plan on taking the rest of the day pretty easy, I don’t want to over do it and end up with “theme park legs” before the races even start!  I’ll probably be in bed by 8-8:30pm to be ready for my EARLY wake up call for race #1!

Friday – Disney Family Fun Run 5k

Race #1 – 6am 5k around Epcot!

My plan for the 5k is a slow, relaxing jog stopping to take lots of pictures along the way!  After the 5k once I’m back in my room I’ll stretch a bit and then spend a few hours at a park and/ or the pool.  We have dinner reservations for 5:30pm and then another early night to bed!

Saturday – Half Marathon

Race # 2 – 5:30am Half Marathon

I’ll be running the half marathon with my sister (her first!), we’re planning on doing 3 minute run:1 minute walk intervals.  The intervals are great for 2 reasons 1) it will conserve my legs for the full the next day and 2) my sister probably didn’t train quite as much as she should have so it’ll really help her get through the 13.1 miles and not be miserable.

My goal for the half is for it to be my slowest half to date…yes, you read that right, my slowest.  I really want to be conscious of not over doing it and I’m going to be keeping an eye on my time so that I don’t start going too fast.

After the half ‘ll have a recovery drink, probably take an ice bath and then spend a half hour or so foam rolling and stretching after the half.  Dinner at 5:30 and then in bed early again to be ready for the big one the next morning!

Sunday – Full Marathon

Race #3 – 5:30am Full Marathon

This is it, the race I’ve been waiting for!  I am pretty sure (ok, so it’s not a totally solid plan) I am going to run the marathon with 3:1 intervals as well.  I used the intervals for most of my back to back 10 and 20 mile training runs and it worked really well for me. I never got too tired and I felt good, so I may just stick with it…with the exception that I don’t take walk breaks in the parks (it’s just too exciting to stop running!).

I don’t want to set a time goal for myself for the full, I really just want to finish out my weekend feeling good enough to want to do it again next year!

After the race I’ll probably have a recovery drink, ice bath, lots of foam rolling and stretching and then I plan on eating EVERYTHING in sight!

Well, there it is.  4 medals, 3 races, 42.4 magical miles of Disney running!  

Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @dnardi710 for live updates throughout the weekend!

11 thoughts on “Goofy Goals

  1. It sounds like you have a really great plan for the weekend! I’m in the process of thinking about how I’m going to tackle all three races too, I just need to start writing it down! Have a great trip!

  2. Love your plan for the Dopey! I have been planning my strategy as well, but will not be running the 5k on Friday. Hopefully the hard training pays off and we all finish with big smiles!

    • Thanks Rana, honestly two years ago if someone told me I’d be running a half marathon let alone a half and full back to back I would have thought they were nuts! It’s amazing how far we can come in such a short amount of time!

  3. Wow!! When you lay it out like that, you really realize how much this will involve. I love Jenn’s packing list and print it out as well. Have such a great time!! I’ll be following along from home! 🙂

    • Haha, I’m sure I’m over thinking it all but I am really excited and just want to do everything I can do enjoy it…no reason to be doing all of this if I’m in pain and miserable!

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