The Story of Madison

This is a love story.  It’s the story of how we fell in love with Madison…

Six years ago on a snowy Christmas Eve Jason and I were looking online at puppies.  It’s not that we were in the market for a puppy, but really…who doesn’t love to look at pictures of puppies!

That’s when we saw her.  And it was love at first sight.

Her name was Pebbles, but we recognized her right away, it was Madison!  (Just like a lot of people have their kids names picked out, we knew one day our dog’s name would be Madison…we just had to find her!).  We showed her to our family and immediately sent an e-mail to find out more about her!

Over the next few days we e-mailed back and forth with the contact where Pebbles/ Madison was living at the time and then all of a sudden the e-mails stopped coming.  We began to get frustrated because we just knew she belonged with us, we hoped that her human contact was just busy with the holidays and that we’d hear back again after the New Year.

And then…

Maddie Comes Home 1

On New Year’s Eve Madison showed up at our house in a basket (escorted by my parents!).  To say I was surprised would be an understatement – as I’m sure you can tell by the look on my face! (The other dog in the photo welcoming Madison is my sister’s dog Roxie.)

Even harder was that now I had to keep the surprise for Jason!  He was on the road for work and wouldn’t be home until shortly after midnight, so a few hours later we got to do the surprise all over again and introduce him to Madison.

Madison Comes Home 2Jason was just as surprised as I was, but we were both so excited!  She is without a doubt the best present we’ve ever gotten and I couldn’t imagine not having her as part of our family.

And again, because who doesn’t love to look at pictures of puppies here are some of our favorite pictures of Madison as we celebrate her 6th anniversary of coming to live with us!

Madison Collage

11 thoughts on “The Story of Madison

  1. Love this story, and the look on your face receiving Madison.

    Josh and I really want to get a dog in 2013, and spend time looking at breeders and photos. Did you find Madison through a breeder?

    • Yes, we actually did get Madison from a breeder…we had been planning on going to a rescue but we really did fall in love with her when we saw her. We’d love to rescue another dog at some point too!

  2. I love this story! I have asked for a puppy for every Christmas of my 30 year existence and still none yet…I have to vicariously live through dog sitting. other people’s dogs. I’ve had a dog name picked out for years too (Dobby, yes I’m naming him after a house elf lol).

    Btw, Madison is adorable! I can see how she was so easily fallen in love with 🙂

    • Thanks, she is so much fun…totally silly and goofy!

      My cousin actually has a mini dachshund named Doby! Believe it or not we contemplated naming Madison “Ginny” since she was red, but we really were set on Madison.

      • Well, at least I’m not alone in thinking it’s a good dog name! lol

        And if I ever got 2 “red” boy dogs, I’d have to call them Fred and George. It’d be must. (I think I have issues lol).

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  4. Loving Madison comes naturally because she’s FAMILY! To see the gleam in Jason’s eyes when he talks of the both of You and Madison. I also love the picture of the three of you.

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