Goofy Training – The Last Long Run(s)

So let’s say my last long run didn’t go quite as planned.

The plan was 10 miles Saturday and 20 Sunday.

I did 10 on Saturday.  It went fine.

Right knee hurt.  Right arch hurt.  But I made it.

xx2i USA

Sunday I did 15.  It didn’t go well.

Right knee hurt.  Right arch KILLED.  I didn’t make it to 20.

I got back to my mom’s house after 15 miles and got on the elliptical for an hour to try to simulate being on my feet and using similar muscles for “20 miles”.  I know it’s not the same, but better than nothing.

This is the first time I’m going into a full marathon with less than a 20 mile training run and I’m not particularly happy about it.

I am disappointed in myself for not finishing the 20 miles.

But my biggest problem was that I suddenly felt like I had less than 2 weeks until the Goofy Challenge and NO SNEAKERS TO RUN IN!

When I suspected my knee pain was due to my new Asics sneakers, I stopped wearing them for a few weeks and the pain went away!

So I got rid of those darn sneakers and got a new pair of the Saucony’s I had previously been running in.

Then the knee pain came back.

And so did the arch/ plantar fasciitis pain I used to have.

So, now I had no Asics (which apparently were NOT causing my knee pain) and my Saucony’s clearly WERE causing my arch pain that had been gone for the past few months (and is unbearable by about 10 miles!).

I went to my local running store, Marathon Sports, today in a panic and left with 2 options I need to test out over the next 10 days:

Options A – new insoles with more arch support in the Saucony’s.

Option B – new sneakers, the Hoka Clifton 2’s which I had been considering back when I bought the Asics.  


Trying to break in and test new sneakers in 10 days to potentially wear in a marathon is probably not my best plan, but unfortunately I’m also pretty sure going into a marathon in the Saucony’s won’t be pretty.

So, I have 10 days to figure this out and hopefully fall in love with the new insoles or the new sneakers – fingers crossed one of these works!

Anyone else ever have a pre-race sneaker emergency?

Goofy runners – do you run both days in the same sneakers or bring 2?

13 thoughts on “Goofy Training – The Last Long Run(s)

  1. Hope you find the perfect shoe in no time!!!!
    I am really looking forward on your thoughts about the Hoka because I am having sneaker trouble myself and was considering trying them out. Good luck!!!

  2. I haven’t done a really long run since the Philly marathon in November and I feel just fine. I bring two pairs because I’ve had shoes fall apart on me on a Saturday race when I needed them for Sunday and duct tape is not as durable as one would hope.

  3. ah! That’s scary – the sneaker situation and all the pain you’re in! Good luck, I hope you can figure out your injuries & not get more injured in your races!

  4. I hope you like the Hokas! For what it’s worth, I’ve been running in the original version of the Cliftons for a year and a half, and I find that they require very little break-in time. I also love them for long distances — because of all the cushion, my feet are never sore. This could be a very good thing for your recovery between your two races! Good luck!!

  5. I know I’m late to the party but I’m sure you’ll be fine! We also only made it up to 16 this time around. 😦 But since Disney is all about having fun (well, okay, it is to me, haha) I’m sure if you take it easy and don’t push too hard, you’ll be great! But I do hope you figure out what’s up with your knee, I’m sure it’s SO frustrating! I have no words of wisdom for you, unfortunately, but keeping my fingers crossed that you figure everything out soon (and that you get through Goofy pain-free!) Hope to catch up with you this weekend!!

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