An Update.

Hello dear friends!

I am so sorry, I have been a terrible blogger as of late and I have no real reason or excuse for it – do forgive me!

Sometimes I just struggle with a lack of inspiration to write and to be honest, I don’t like to force posts.  Whenever I do, they just sort of come out boring and in authentic.  No one wants to read boring and inauthentic.

So, since I am not feeling particularly inspired, but I DO miss actually blogging I thought I’d just pop in with a quick update until some deeper inspiration strikes!

Since this is generally a running blog, that’s where I’ll start…


The Walt Disney World Marathon is less than three weeks away (can you believe it?!?).  This weekend Jason and I tackled our 18 mile run, but unfortunately not without some major knee pain on my part.

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I suspected my sneakers were causing my new and mysterious knee pain, so I put those shoes on the sideline and went back to a pair I knew and loved.

I patted myself on the back for having the good sense to test the “Knee Pain Due to Sneaker” theory and for about two weeks I rejoiced and celebrated as my knee pain vanished!

I even sold those darn sneakers – good riddance!

And then Saturday my knee threw it all in my face and said, “haha – stupid Knee Pain Due to Sneaker Theory!  I’ll show you!”.

I had moments when my eyes filled with tears.  I occasionally ran with a full on limp (especially after starting up after a fuel/ walk break).  And I even had one instance where my knee actually gave out and I almost fell.

Stupid knee.

But I finished 18 miles.

And I can’t complain about the scenery!  Or the weather – it was cool, crisp and gorgeous out!

Orange Mud

Jason and I ran together through about mile 12 and then I told him to just go ahead.  I probably could have kept up with him, but it was clearly a frustrating run and I just sort of wanted to be by myself.

So, needless to say, running hasn’t exactly been my favorite activity lately.  I’m excited about WDW Marathon Weekend, it’s always my favorite, but I’m just having some trouble mustering up enthusiasm for running in general right now.

Let’s hope this doesn’t last long!


Finals are done.

Doctorate program applications are submitted.

Basically it’s just a waiting game.

I do have one more prerequisite class to take this upcoming spring semester, but that’s it!  Otherwise I’m just sitting tight and (nervously!) waiting to hear back from the PT programs that I applied to – hopefully sometime in February.


Yikes.  I probably shouldn’t even address this one.

I am a bad yoga teacher and haven’t been practicing yoga very much lately.

I’ve gone to a few classes recently, but I find it to be SO important to find a teacher you really connect with and since one of the teachers I really enjoyed here moved I’ve been lacking the motivation to go to classes.

I did just buy a new 10 class pass to my local studio though so I’m hoping after the new year I’ll get my butt to classes more regularly!


Christmas is THIS WEEK!  Can you believe it?!?

Seas & Greetings

I love the holiday season, but honestly it’s not feeling a lot like Christmas in New England with temperatures reaching 60 the other day!

We did go to our town Christmas parade, it was so cute and small town, I love it!  Honestly, it felt like we were in some cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie!

Mashpee Christmas Parade

Let’s review – I’m lacking enthusiasm for running and yoga…it’s not feeling a lot like Christmas…and school is just basically sitting on my hands and waiting right now…

So, where is all my enthusiasm and passion at the moment?


I can not wait to go to Italy.

I am obsessed with trip planning.

I have read reviews on EVERYTHING in ALL of Italy!

(Ok, that’s not exactly true…I limited myself to only reading reviews of things in the cities I’ll actually be going to otherwise I’d actually want to GO to ALL of Italy!  So if we’re being technical I’ve read reviews of EVERYTHING in ALL of Rome, Venice and Florence!)

Italy Guidebooks

Flights are booked.

Hotels are not only booked, but I am honestly IN LOVE with the hotels I chose.  I’m convinced I found the PERFECT home base for us in each city and I can’t wait to see each of them in person!

Tours are researched and for the most part booked.  We’ll be biking through vineyards in Tuscany, taking a cooking class in Rome and paddle boarding or kayaking through the canals in Venice – not to mention seeing all the usual sites, churches and museums.

All the work is done.

Now I just have to wait…

Oh, and an update on the post I wrote about considering running a half marathon while we were in Rome – we decided to pass on the race.

If the race was actually going to take place IN the historic area of Rome it would have been a no brainer, but unfortunately the race starts right outside of central Rome and runs farther away from the city…on a highway.  Not exactly the scenic, amazing, international race experience we had in mind.

We WILL be sure to get in at least one run in each city on our own though!

So, while I clearly seem to be lacking inspiration and motivation for much right now other than Italy, I do have a lot of exciting things coming up in the next few months, so I certainly can’t complain!

…4 days until Christmas…

…17 days until Disney…

…who knows how many days until I find out about PT school…


(Also, apologies in advance for the additional trip planning posts that are sure to be coming your way soon, I just can’t help myself!)

3 thoughts on “An Update.

  1. This post made me happy because a) my blogging game has been weak at best; b) sounds like you guys are having so much holiday fun; and c) LOVE hearing about your Italy trip planning!

    But I’m sorry the knee pain is back. I get it. It totally sucks and can be debilitating when you can’t focus on anything else.

  2. My blogging’s been slipping a little bit too since end of the year is a little hectic before work is closed for two weeks. It hasn’t felt like Christmas either. We normally don’t get snow, but the weather keeps changing and when I woke up today, it was 61.

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