2015 Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways!

Wow, can you believe that tomorrow is December already?!  This fall has just flown by and it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping already!

Back when I started running I thought all runners needed was a pair of sneakers.

Boy was I wrong!  There is more running gear, gadgets and gizmos than I could have imagined and I love checking out all of the holiday gift guides that pop up this time of year!

Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite things that I think would make great gifts for the runners in your life (or to add to your holiday wish list!) – plus some of these awesome companies have even offered discount codes or giveaways!

**NOTE: None of this post is sponsored and I received no compensation from any of these companies to include their products on my list, however as I made my list I did reach out to some of the companies to let them know I was planning on including them and they generously offered discount codes or giveaways for Live, Run, Grow readers, so be on the lookout for some special offers throughout the list!**

Danielle’s 2015 Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide

1.  Socks

Running socks can be expensive, but they are worth every penny if they can save your feet from dreaded blisters!

My go-to socks for several years now are Swiftwick – seriously, I won’t run in anything else!  They have so many different styles to choose from and come in different heights and colors, so if you’re a matching nut like me you’re sure to find a color to match your sneakers!

Swiftwick Socks and Sneakers

Right now Swiftwick is offering 20% off their entire site for Cyber Monday!

I also have a few pairs to give away!

Check out the details at the end of this post to enter!

2.  RockTape

Over the years I’ve been bothered by foot pain (which knock on wood seems under control recently!) and now knee pain.  I started taping my feet a few years ago with a different brand of kineseo tape, but had issues with it not staying on very well.  Then, I was introduced to RockTape.


This stuff sticks for days!  Honestly, I think I had my last tape application on for 4 days and even then I had to actually pull it off!  Plus, I personally really like that RockTape isn’t pre-cut strip sizes like some other brands because I’m able to customize my tape application better!

RockTape was generous enough to send me not only some tape, but a few of their other products to check out like their Rock Balls and hot and cold Rock Sauce – I’ll be sharing more specific thoughts on these products too, but so far loving them!

RockTape Pic

Even better, they sent me some to give away to you too!

Check out the details at the end of this post to enter!

RockTape is also currently offering 40% off on select items

through midnight tonight (Monday, 11/30) with code “BLACK40”!

3.  SPIbelt

Going into the Marine Corps Marathon I was struggling with what to wear for one main reason – I needed more pockets!

I decided to take a risk and try something new on race day (usually not a good plan!)…I opted to wear my skirt that has less pockets and try out a brand new SPIbelt I had purchased to carry my phone.


The zippered pouch of this tiny little belt stretches a bunch and had plenty of room for my phone and fuel in it!  I wore it around my waist for the marathon and barely even knew it was there!  It’s become my go-to for carrying my phone now when I don’t have pockets.

SPIbelt recently came out with a little water bottle that attaches right on called the H20 Companion (I’m planning on getting one for myself!) and they have have other SPI products such as dog leashes and messenger bags that have the expandable carry compartment!

Use code “HOLIDAY15” for 10% off on Cyber Monday!

One lucky Live, Run, Grow reader is going to win their own SPIbelt!

Check the details at the end of this post to enter!

4.  2XU

Guys, I know you’ve seen me post about these 2XU pants a bunch this fall, but there’s a reason – I am seriously in love with them!


2XU Run Club

I wear them to run. I wear them to recover. I wear them because they’re just plain comfortable!  You can read my full review of them HERE, but if you’re training for a long distance and looking for some recovery help I can’t recommend these enough!

Use code “BIBRAVE20′” for 20% off your entire 2XU order! 

5.  Gift Cards

It may not be the most original idea, but when in doubt gift cards are always the perfect gift!

If you’re shopping for a runner make it more personal by picking up a gift card to their favorite local running store, massage place or if they have a race trip coming up maybe an airline gift card or something they could use while on their trip (Disney gift cards anyone?!).


Discount Codes:

The ones I mentioned above, plus a few other Cyber Monday deals I found for some of my other favorite running gear companies!

  • Swiftwick – 20% off all orders on Cyber Monday
  • RockTape – 40% off select items on Cyber Monday
  • SPIBelt – “HOLIDAY15” for 10% off on Cyber Monday
  • OrangeMud – “CMON20GIFT” for 20% off & a free gift
  • LockLaces – 50% off all orders on Cyber Monday
  • Project Repat – “usamade” for 35% off on Cyber Monday
  • Zooma – 15% off any race on Cyber Monday
  • Saucony extra 30% off sale items with code “SALE30”
  • Sparkly Soul – 20% off with code “CYBERMONDAY2015”
  • NUUN – use code “hydrationmonday” for 30% off & free shipping
  • Athleta – 20% off order on Cyber Monday with code “work it”
  • Newton – free holiday running socks with purchase 
  • Mizuno – 20% off your entire order with code “CYBER2015”
  • Asics – BOGO apparel & accessories
  • Trigger Point Therapy – 30% off with code “GETMOBILE30”


Swiftwick – Win a pair of Swiftwick socks! (I have several pairs to giveaway)

  • Mandatory – leave a comment letting me know: does it bother you if your socks don’t match your shoes/ running clothes? (Also leave me your shoe size so I can match what I have available to winners!)
  • Optional Additional Entry – Follow @Swiftwick on Twitter (leave a comment letting me know or if you already do including your Twitter handle)
  • Optional Additional Entry – Tweet & share the link (http://wp.me/p20h7V-2gA) to this Holiday Gift Guide post (be sure to copy me on the tweet @dnardi710!)

SPIbelt – Win a SPIbelt!

  • Mandatory – leave a comment letting me know: what do you carry with you on a run?
  • Optional Additional Entry – Follow @SPIbelt on Twitter (leave a comment letting me know or if you already do including your Twitter handle)
  • Optional Additional Entry – Tweet & share the link (http://wp.me/p20h7V-2gA) to this Holiday Gift Guide post (be sure to copy me on the tweet @dnardi710!)

RockTape – Win 2 rolls of tape & the Rock Sauce set OR the Rock Balls!

  • Mandatory – leave a comment letting me know: What’s on your holiday wish list this year?
  • Optional Additional Entry – Follow @RockTape on Twitter (leave a comment letting me know or if you already do including your Twitter handle)
  • Optional Additional Entry – Tweet & share the link (http://wp.me/p20h7V-2gA) to this Holiday Gift Guide post (be sure to copy me on the tweet @dnardi710!)

NOTE: You are welcome to leave all entry responses in 1 comment and then I will use a random number generator to choose winners for each giveaway!

**This giveaway will remain open until midnight on Friday, December 4th at which time the winners will be randomly selected and notified!**

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Any other great deals I should add to the discount list?

46 thoughts on “2015 Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways!

  1. I’m in! I don’t really care if my socks match. In fact I usually wear cheap socks so I’d be interested to see how these feel. What I carry depends on my run distance. Always my phone and inhaler. On longer runs, applesauce and water (I’ve tried nuun recently and I’m still on the fence about it) and my plexus, a couple dollars and toilet paper (because you never know). Holiday wish list? Some new makeup. I’d love a pair of those compression pants but just can’t get past the price tag.

  2. Yay holiday gift guide!
    1. I love socks! So it doesn’t matter to me if it matches my shoes or running clothes. I wear a 7.5 in shoes (medium in Swiftwick!)
    2. I just now followed them on Twitter (@dsnygal12)
    3. I tweeted 🙂

    1. I carry: phone, headphones, my inhaler, a snack and some bandaids
    2. Just followed them (@dsnygal12)

    1. On my holiday list this year is Disney cookbooks and running outfits (have to run off what I cook from the cookbooks!)

  3. I do like my socks to match my shoes/outfit and that is why I have almost every color of Thorlos Experia socks in my drawer! Please don’t include me in the giveaway though! I love the holiday discounts and Project Repat blankets are great. My wish list has a Lululemon rain jacket at the top. Fingers crossed it will be under the tree!

  4. I’d love to try Swiftwick socks. I have constant blister issues, so I’m always looking for something new to try. My socks NEVER match my shoes, I’m way too lazy for that 😉

  5. Great post Danielle! I love the gift ideas!

    I love a good running sock… they don’t have to match my outfit, but I like when they coordinate with my shoes ;). I have the same Saucony ISO Triumps (multiple pairs) in the great blue/aqua/yellow (size 10).

    I run with probably too much: iPhone & yurbuds, tissues, toilet wipes (yes, lol!), chapstick, and for longer runs, plenty of fuel & water! Oh, and always sunglasses on my face!

    I’m hoping to find the perfect running skirt to recommend to Santa this Christmas… I always run in capris but know there are some fabulous running skirts (with pockets!) out there!

    • Oh yes, chapstick always! I got a running skirt from Lululemon that I really like, my only complaint is not enough pockets! Otherwise, it’s the first skirt I’ve found that I like!

  6. I usually don’t mind if my socks match my shoes perfectly, but i do care if they stand out too much and clash with my outfit…even though that sounds a little crazy, haha

    I’m a size 8 shoe, and socks that don’t cover my heel enough and slide down the back of my sneaker bother me, too!

  7. I don’t care if my socks match my running clothes. My cold weather gear doesn’t match, I’m a hot mess 🙂 I’m more concerned about the sock being thick enough, I don’t like thin, and that they don’t make my feet hot.
    I wear a 7 1/2.
    I followed Swiftwick – @realnotsosubtle

    I like the running belt I have, it’s great for warmer months when I don’t have pockets.

    • Oh my goodness, if I could think of a gift to get my life organized I’d add that to my list too! My Passion Planner is really helping, but it’s just a start – now if it would help organize my closet!

  8. It doesn’t bother me if my shoes don’t match my socks. But I do try to match my socks to my shirt. My running shoe size is 6.

  9. Two things….I absolutely love, love, love Swiftwick, like you it’s the only sock I’ll wear! Secondly, sock has to match the outfit. If I’m wearing a blue top..must have blue socks!!! Size 10 for me!

  10. Swiftwick-

    The only time I match my socks to my running outfit is when I race. Otherwise, all I care about is that they’re clean, and match each other!

  11. I’m entering for Swiftwick.

    It kinda does bother me and if I have a pair that coordinates with my outfit better, I wear those socks instead. Size 8.

    I followed Swiftwick on Twitter and I (re)tweeted this post.

  12. Swiftwick – I’m not too concerned about matching, comfort is the most important to me when it comes to running gear. I wear a size 10 1/2 men’s running shoe. I already follow Swiftwick on Twitter with the handle @FireRunner2379.

    SPIBelt – I mostly carry a bit of fuel with me on long runs but would love a belt to carry my phone in case of an emergency with me or my family. I already follow SPIBelt on Twitter with the handle @FireRunner2379.

    I shared the post on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FireRunner2379/status/672982686709993472.

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