Weekly Training Recap

Wow, a whole week with no blog posts – it’s been awhile since I’ve let that happen!  

This week felt extremely busy, but I was fortunate to have a 3 day weekend this weekend because of some scheduling changes, so I’m spending some time playing catch up and hopefully I’ll be back on track with blogging this week – you can expect my review of the Zensah Compression calf sleeves I got to try out through the BibRave Pro program and a new Yoga for Runners hamstring & IT band stretch!

RECAP (3/9-3/15)

Monday – rest day 

Tuesday – rest day  

Wednesday – 5 mile run 

Thursday – 30 minute pool workout

Friday – 75 minutes yoga class & 5 mile run

My legs felt like lead this run, so I was thankful to have Jason to pull me along to get in those miles – I seriously contemplated cutting this run short a few times!

Jason Running

Saturday – 90 minute yoga class

Sunday –  10 mile run

Weekly Mileage –  20 miles 

2015 Mileage – 187 miles


Running this week was ROUGH! My legs felt like I was wearing lead pants and moving one foot in front of the other on each of these runs was a serious effort!  I’m glad I got them done though, my goal has been to start increasing my mileage to be ready for a spring half marathon and to try to get in 20 miles a week, it was a tough one but I got it done this week!

I’ve been really craving yoga recently and I’m glad that in addition to teaching I managed to get to 2 classes this week!  I love that there seems to be a great yoga community here on Cape Cod (there’s a studio right near me that I really love!) and a lot of my running friends enjoy yoga too so it’s been great to have people to go with!

I’m hoping between some restorative yoga, compression and icing I can figure out what’s making my legs so tired and get them feeling a little better on runs next week!

I’ll leave you with a picture of Madison for today because, come on…how cute is she!  

P.S. – she makes a “guest appearance” (aka couldn’t get her out of the picture!) in my Yoga for Runner’s post this week!

Madison March

Do you ever get that “lead legs” feeling?

Anyone ever “crave” other forms of exercise like yoga?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Great post! I had really tired legs this past week too. I haven’t been able to figure it out, but I have been wearing compression socks a lot and that seems to be helping. I can’t wait to hear your review on the Zensah compression.

  2. Oh I am curious what race is on your spring calendar! My legs occasionally feel heavy, but curiously, that it can disappear during a longer run. Yesterday, I felt so sluggish starting my 20 mile run, but by the last 10, I felt better physically. I’m pretty sure this old body needs a while for warm up!

  3. The weather warmed up here in Kansas this past week. During my first run in “warmer weather” my legs felt like led. I only ran three miles and it was torture. I’m blaming it on my body trying to adjust to warmer temperature. BTW–love the picture of Madison. I’m partial to dachshunds–we have a black & tan one named Bruno. 🙂

  4. I’m having a lead leg week right now!! I’ve started doing more intense strength training and my leggies don’t like it. I’m hoping it gets better once they get used to it. Madison is so cute. If only I could get pics of Cinderella like that. She runs when I bring out the camera.

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