Winter Storm Juno – Update from Cape Cod!

Hello All!

Jason, Madison and I have been enjoying a snow day thanks to Winter Storm Juno, although I wouldn’t exactly say we’re snowed “in” – we definitely spent some time outside today!

I thought I’d write a quick update and share some pictures for those of you not in the Northeast.  (If you are in the Northeast I’m sure you’ve seen more than enough of this white stuff!)

Yesterday when I got home from work Jason and I headed down to the beach for a quick walk right as it began snowing…

Blizzard - Beach Walk

…overnight the wind and snow picked up and we woke up to over a foot of snow and hurricane force winds!

Since it was supposed to continue to snow all day we decided to try to dig our cars out before they got buried any deeper…

Blizzard - Jason Shoveling

…not that we were going anywhere – there’s a travel ban right now!

Our run club usually meets on Tuesday nights, but not surprisingly it was canceled.  I jokingly text a few of my run club friends and said “what the heck, when we moved here you told us you run in any weather!”

Well that led to a discussion about actually meeting for a run!

Of course because of the afore mentioned travel ban, no one could actually drive to meet, but one of our friends lives about a half a mile from us in the same development so we figured run to meet up?  Why not!

Blizzard Run 2015We were really planning on only doing a mile or two just to say we did, but we were having such a great time running around exploring in the snow…

Blizzard - Jason and Danielle…and we ended up running a little over 4 miles!

Blizzard - Run DanielleEven Madison got in on the fun running around the backyard (of course we had to dig her a path!)

Blizzard - Madison

The fun wasn’t over yet though!

Our favorite local surf shop where we buy all our paddleboard stuff is having a snow day photo contest to win gift certificates, so of course I needed to enter!

When we moved to Cape Cod everyone kept “warning” us that winter was very different than the summer here and that it wasn’t all beaches and lobsters (ummm, duh!) – it was making me CRAZY!

I decided to poke a little fun at that and submitted this picture with the caption, “When we moved to Cape Cod everyone warned us how different it was in the winter, but this is ridiculous!”

Blizzard Bathingsuit

Gotta entertain ourselves somehow, right?!

Right now it’s still snowing (I’d say we have about 2 feet!) and the wind is howling, but fortunately we still have power so we’re getting ready to heat up some vegetarian chili (RECIPE HERE!) and snuggle in with a movie for the night!

Blizzard - Snow Drift

Hope everyone in the Northeast is staying safe & warm!

What’s your favorite “snowed-in” activity?

28 thoughts on “Winter Storm Juno – Update from Cape Cod!

  1. I love how you are embracing winter. Especially running in the snow. And I love the picture with the beach chair!

    Keep having fun, and keep warm!

  2. LOL, you belong in a tree cause you’re a nut! Wow, that looks intense, but glad you’re getting out and enjoying yourselves. Don’t hate, but today it was 75 and sunny in Dallas. Warmest day of the year so far!

  3. Brilliant photos! The snow looks amazing and it’s so cool you managed to get out and run in it. Here in Dublin we’re due to get some snow today but I don’t think it’ll be anything like where you are! Love your comp photo!

    • Thanks! We weren’t planning on going for a run in a blizzard, but it just looked so pretty out with all the snow we figured why not check it out! Enjoy your snow!

  4. Madison is so stinking cute! It’s a good thing you moved because if you were still in NY, after seeing that pic I would have to drive over and immediately “borrow” her. Good for you for going out for a run! I was debating doing that and then decided the best way to spend my snow day was to stay in my pajamas THE ENTIRE DAY.

  5. It’s so weird that I live in VT and only got about 5 inches of snow. I’m actually jealous of you guys! Our usual snow day activities are eating all the food and watching Netflix all day. Glad you guys were able to be a bit more active!

    • Part of that is our house…they’re actually sort of condo’s with 4 units to a building, so they look like little Cape style houses but we only really own 1/4 of that : )

  6. Awesome pictures! Looks like you guys managed to have some fun. I can’t believe how much snow you got! The “blizzard” seemed to have missed NJ. However, I still took my “snow day” as an excuse to sit around and do absolutely NOTHING. I’m always so afraid of busting my ass when I try to run in the snow, but you made it look like a blast!

  7. Love the photos ! It was great to recap the chili contest, nice you have fond memories of all your adventures.Going to try the vegie chili soon. Love you guys…so happy to see how happy you are at the cape. Love, Mom


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