State of the R-UNion

As I mentioned yesterday, my running has been struggling ever since the Dopey Challenge two months ago.  I came off of Dopey on a major running high convinced that I was going to train and PR both the half and full marathon distances this spring and then BAM! There was the cold. the snow. the ice. the general laziness and lack of motivation that comes with a brutal winter.

Harbor Ice


So I figured I’d write a quick update (or State of the R-UNion if you will…) on where I am as far as running goes and how I’m adjusting some of my goals and expectations for my spring races.

I have a half marathon this weekend, the New York 13.1, which I’ve PR’d the last two years and I was hoping the third time would be more of the same.  I’ve been keeping up with just enough running to maintain the ability to complete the distance, but I certainly haven’t been doing any speed work or anything that would lead me to believe a PR is anywhere in my near future.

I still really do want to try for a half marathon PR this spring (especially after being incredibly inspired by Christine’s amazing half marathon PR this past weekend!), so I sat down last night and wrote myself out a training plan using the Run Less, Run Faster training book as my template (which I believe is what Christine used as well – worked for her!).

Training Plan

Putting together a training plan!

Right now my plan includes 3 runs a week plus 2 cross training days – I’m opting for swimming and biking as my cross training, and I’ll continue with yoga hopefully 2-3 times a week.


Look – I even joined a pool and swam yesterday!

I know a PR is most likely not in the cards this weekend, but I’m planning on giving this race a good effort just to get an idea of where my time stands as of right now.

I have my eye on another half marathon at the end of April that I’d like to use as my goal race, but I’m waiting to see how this weekend goes to determine if 5 weeks of hard training will be enough to get that PR, if not I’ll look for a May or early June race (although that’s where it starts to get risky with the heat!).

Anyone else struggle with training this winter?

What race is next on your schedule?

19 thoughts on “State of the R-UNion

  1. I think you can totally get a PR the end of April. You are a strong athlete Danielle, and you have the mental capacity which is so critical for runners. Can’t wait to virtually cheer you on this weekend and during your April race. Any interest in running the Divas Half at North Myrtle Beach April 27th? We have a good number of ladies from my local running group and it will be fun!

    • Thanks Pam! And I totally wish I could come down and do that Diva Dash with you guys, it sounds like so much fun! Trying to watch my race budget this year though! We all need to find a race half way between us and meet up sometime though!

  2. I don’t suppose you signed up for the brooklyn 1/2 on a whim and now are going to run it with me by any chance?

    • Haha, it’s too bad it’s sold out or that probably would have been a good one. Right now I’m looking at a NYC Runs race at the end of April, otherwise there is a race in CT on June 1st that may work…

      • The superhero in NJ is the next day–and has race day packet pick up… And I’ll be there as Rainbow Brite… Just saying.

  3. I didn’t run at all this winter, so I’ve been very slow to add in miles. Last week I was on vacation in Mexico and did 2 runs of 4 miles which felt awesome, but my legs were sore, can’t wait for the snow to melt (we’re getting more snow today in MN) so I can get all those run-endorphins!

    • Ugh, I’m sorry to hear you’re still getting more snow! That is great that your runs while on vacation felt good, you’ll be all set to go once you’re all unthawed out there!

  4. Good luck with the race this weekend. I think it’s good to just go with the flow to try find the fun again. Are there any good half marathons up there in April/early May?

    • Yeah, I’m sort of glad I didn’t really push it and force myself to run too much when I wasn’t really feeling it. There races I’m looking at are smaller local races, nothing really exciting (but not crowded so good for a PR!)

  5. Yes, I struggling this winter too, but for completely different reasons. I ran the Dopey Challenge too, and had a fantastic fun time during the marathon. Something happened to my right lower leg during the half so I took it slow and easy during the half and full. Afterward, my right leg below the calf muscle was swollen for a couple of days, and the tibialis anterior was very tender for weeks. That’s mostly gone, but I am still struggling with PF, especially in the right foot. I’ve cut my running back to only 1 short run a week and added some walking. After the marathon, I was eager to sign up for next years marathon, but my enthusiasm has faded with my persistent problems with the right leg. I’m currently signed up for the Dumbo Double Dare in August and still thinking about that marathon.

    I have no doubt you will be soon setting new PRs, and I hope I will too!

    • Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your injury, that must be frustrating! I’ve been dealing with some PF in my right foot as well, fortunately it hasn’t been bad enough to affect my running (knock on wood!), rolling my foot on a golf ball and KT tape has really helped.

      Hopefully with all the rest you’re giving your injury it’ll be better and ready to go in time for Dumbo!

  6. Well, you already know I’ve been having similar (worse) running issues, but hopefully the NYC 13.1 turns out better than expected for you (you’ll probably PR without even trying!)

    Btw, where’s the pool? I want to (possibly) do a mini triathlon and need to seriously improve my swimming to do it

    • Haha, not sure I’m quite ready for the PR this weekend but it’ll be interesting to see where I stand and how far I have to go to get there!

      It’s Eisenhower Park pool, feel free to come swim sometime!

  7. I know what you mean, and we don’t have it nearly as bad here in Texas. But I was less than motivated due to winter weather. Hoping to start getting back into speed work this week though. Good luck on your race, just enjoy it!!!

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