Weekly Training Recap

Ok, so I have definitely been a bad blogger recently!

Just a quick training recap of the last two weeks and I’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow!

RECAP (3/3-3/9)

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 45 minutes elliptical

Wednesday – 90 minute yoga class & 3 mile run

Thursday – 1 hour elliptical

Friday – 75 minute yoga class

Saturday – 5 mile run

Sunday – rest 

RECAP (3/10-3/16)

Monday – 10 mile run and 45 minutes elliptical

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 75 minute yoga class and 2 mile run

Thursday – Volunteered at the NYC Half Expo & 60 minute Yoga for Athletes

NYC Half with Karla

Got to see Karla (RunKarlaRun) at the NYC Half Expo!


Yoga for Athletes with Sage Rountree!

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 5 mile run

Sunday – 5 mile run & taught 75 minute yoga class

Weekly Mileage (2 weeks) –  30 miles

2014 Mileage – 139 miles 


The last few weeks running has really been a struggle for me.  I’m sick of running in cold temperatures and for some reason my legs have literally felt like dead weight when I’m running recently.  It’s been frustrating since I had hoped to train for a spring PR, but I finally had a good run yesterday so hopefully we’re headed in the right direction!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Danielle, This winter has been especially horrible in the northeast so running has been a problem for everyone in those areas. You are a strong athlete and it should come back quickly. So glad you had a great run yesterday….you are definitely ready for a big half PR, or any distance for that matter! And all that yoga and cross training helps alot. Core is everything during those hard parts of a race.

    • Thanks Pam, it was definitely a tough winter! I’m excited to get started training for a half marathon PR – I was so inspired by both you and Christine yesterday, I honestly think that was a big part of why I had such a good run yesterday!

    • Yes! Hopefully it’ll start warming up soon! We’ve had the occasional nice day here and there but then it drops back to freezing – hopefully it’s almost over!

  2. Yep. I have had ENOUGH of the cold. I know exactly what you mean by having “dead” legs…UGH. It’s so frustrating. I’m looking forward to warmer temperatures and finding my love of running again this spring. 😀

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