It’s Green and It’s Delicious!

Ok, I know I am sooo late to the party on this one, but I am newly obsessed with GREEN SMOOTHIES!

In the past I could never quite get over the weird green/ brown color enough to actually want to try making one of these, so I happily went on living a green smoothie free existence…


Green Smoothie 2

Seriously, I am obsessed with these things!

I’ve made myself a huge smoothie for breakfast every morning for the past week and honestly I find that I’m craving them!  They’re fruity, refreshing, filling and I promise you don’t even taste the “green stuff”!

I even went to Costco last weekend to stock up on some smoothie making ingredients…

Green Smoothies Fruit

…and then divided it all up into sandwich size zip lock bags…

Green Smoothies Making

…and popped them in a freezer!

Green Smoothie Done

Now each morning I can just grab a bag, add whatever else I want in there (liquid, yogurt, etc.) and blend away!

So far my favorite combo is mixed frozen fruit (this one has pineapple, strawberries & peaches), spinach, avocado, green tea and a touch of honey.

Green Smoothie FINAL 2

Anyone else LOVING green smoothies??

Any recipe suggestions? What else should I throw in there?

20 thoughts on “It’s Green and It’s Delicious!

  1. I really need to vary my smoothies. I have only made them for post long runs, and they include strawberries, protein powder and milk. While they taste good, adding more fruit and those dreaded green vegetables would probably make them more nutritious.

    • Just switching up the fruit makes such a difference! Plus using things like coconut water, juice or green tea as the liquid…so many options!

      I need to start adding protein powder to mine, I’m always worried about the weird taste though!

  2. I definitely need to give these a try! I always wanted to get into the smoothie, but it always seemed like such “effort.” Prepping everything in those ziplock bags is a pretty brilliant idea! Plus they satisfy my (temporary) vegan diet! Be warned, I may harass you about ratios and things of ingredients…sorry!

    • Oh my goodness, yes, these are perfect for your vegan lent!

      Honestly, I have no secrets as far as ratios, I just throw stuff in and then add more liquid as I go if it needs it! Do you have Pinterest? There are lots of smoothie ideas/ recipes on there!

  3. FYI the smoothie party didn’t start until you got there. And also individual sandwich baggies with your smoothie ingredients is probably the best way to sell me on anything. That’s like my dream freezer.

  4. You’re so organized! I love smoothies. They are so easy to make. However the last one I made, at the last minute I decided to add some rum and make it a daiquiri. Haha. BTW It wasn’t for breakfast.

  5. I can’t do the green stuff either… I’ve never liked veggies, so all my smoothies are fruit. I use Kefir as my liquid so I can get the protein I need.

    • I actually LOVE vegetables, I for some reason always just thought mixing them with fruit would be weird…all you really taste is the fruit though!

      Kefir is a good idea, I’ll have to try it!

  6. I can’t wait until it is warm enough to hanker for a smoothie again!! I loooove the green smoothie. Nothing like sneaking in some hidden extra veggies!

  7. I spy a bag of three berries!! I usually combine a scoop of those with banana and spinach and protein powder. It is a great way for me to get veggies in.

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