Weekly Training Recap

In case you missed it the other day, this week I found out I was selected as an ambassador for the 2014 ZOOMA Cape Cod race!

ZOOMA Ambassador Badge 2014

The race is Saturday, September 27th and there will be a half marathon and 10k offered.  I’ll have more details soon, but if you’re interested in joining me feel free to check out the ZOOMA website – hang tight on registering though, I’ll have a discount offer to share soon!

And if you have any questions about Cape Cod in general let me know and I’d be happy to do my best to help!

I heart Cape Cod

RECAP (2/24-3/2)

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 5 mile run

Wednesday – 1 hour session with trainer working on squats & 2 mile run


Thursday – 90 minute yoga class

Friday – 20 minutes elliptical and 75 minute yoga class

Saturday – 3 mile run and 30 minutes elliptical

Sunday – 10 mile run

Weekly Mileage – 20 miles

2014 Mileage – 109 miles 


The session on Wednesday with my sisters trainer seriously kicked my butt!  I told him I wanted to work on squats and boy did we work on squats!  My legs were dead for the rest of the week and my 10 mile run was really a struggle because of it.

Glad I got to yoga a couple of times though, it makes me realize how much I missed practicing regularly!

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