Weekly Training Recap

Dear Friends, 

Please excuse me while I take a short break from blogging while I take care of a few things that need my attention right now.

Jason and I are still heading on our much anticipated (much needed!) Disney Cruise this weekend and I’m sure I’ll be refreshed, recharged and ready to share all the details of our trip by the time we get back!

Thanks for your support!


RECAP (1/27-2/2)

Monday – 3 mile run

Tuesday – rest day 

Wednesday – 90 minutes yoga & 1 hour elliptical


National Anthem during the Rangers vs. Islanders
Stadium Series game at Yankee Stadium

Thursday – 3 mile run and 5 minutes rowing machine

Friday – rest day 

Saturday – 5 mile run 

Sunday – rest day / taught 1 hour yoga class

Weekly Mileage –  11

2014 Mileage – 64.6 miles

Fun Photo of the Week 

Yankee Mickey

Took this photo last week while I was at Yankee Stadium for the Stadium Series hockey game!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Have a wonderful cruise and enjoy the break from blogging and regular day to day life! The hockey season is long and you and Jason deserve this vacation!

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