Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (1/20-1/26)

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – does shoveling count?

Snow Shoveling

Wednesday – 1 hour elliptical

Thursday – 1 hour elliptical 

Friday – rest day 

Saturday – 90 minutes yoga & outdoor skating at Yankee Stadium!


Sunday – 1 hour Pure Barre class

Weekly Mileage –  0

2014 Mileage – 53.6 miles


Well, I completed my full 2 weeks off from running!  I’m glad that I gave myself the break, after back to back marathon training cycles I think I needed it, not to mention with all the snow and ice we’ve had the last few weeks I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten much running in anyways!

I finally got to a yoga class (yay!) and realized how much I missed it, I really need to be better about getting there 2-3 times a week.  I also tried my first Pure Barre class at a new studio that’s opening in my town.  I’m didn’t not like it, and I’m definitely a little sore today, but let’s just say I didn’t love it enough to purchase the really good studio opening deal they were offering.

NEXT WEEK (1/27-2/6)

Back to running!  I’m actually really looking forward to getting back out there and have been thinking a lot about what my plan is going to be to accomplish some of my goals.  I have a half marathon coming up towards the end of March and I’m looking for a full to do sometimes this spring.

Fun Photo of the Week 

Rangers Snuggie at Yankee Stadium

I decided to have a little fun while skating at Yankee Stadium and put on my Rangers snuggie to try to blend in with the players! 

5 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Shoveling TOTALLY counts as exercise; it doesn’t matter how “in shape” I think I am, when we get a ridiculous amount of snow here, a good shoveling session kicks my ass, haha. Glad you’re back to yoga; now that Dopey is over, I’m back to trying to make it to my karate classes on a more regular schedule, and this week I was thinking the same thing — I’ve really missed it! I love your skating picture, BTW, I’ll bet that was awesome!

  2. Skating in a snuggie in Yankee Stadium…AWESOME! I’m jealous, not going to lie. Oh, and shoveling without a doubt counts as a workout.
    So I’m guessing we’ll do Yoga instead of Pure Barre? lol

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