Tips for Happy Feet

I’m taking an extra rest day since the arch of my foot is really bothering me after my crazy wind blown half marathon this weekend so naturally I thought it would make a good post!

Really, what runner doesn’t like a good post about feet, right??!

Since I started running I’ve struggled with occasional arch pain on long runs which I’ve managed to keep fairly under control with some extra TLC.  It’s most likely plantar fasciitis (undiagnosed since I’ve never actually been to a doctor or PT about it) and my dad (who is a doctor) suggested that running leaning forward into the wind during the race the other day may have put some added stress on it.

About a month ago I ran a giveaway for Swiftwick socks and asked you to leave a comment telling me “what’s your favorite tip to keep your feet happy during training?”  I got a lot of great answers and I figured since I’m paying a lot of attention to my feet this week I’d share a few of your tips as well as some of the things that work for me!

Danielle’s Happy Feet Tips!

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!

I wrote a whole separate post on this awhile back called Yoga for Runners – Stop Foot Abuse!  Most of us never think to stretch our feet and as runners it is so important!

Yoga for Your FeetTo read the entire original post click HERE!

Roll Your Feet

I roll my feet on golf balls ALL THE TIME and honestly I really believe that it’s helped me to not experience the terrible stabbing pain in my arches that I was getting during my first round of marathon training!

Ice Your Feet

I know this doesn’t sound like the most pleasant thing in the world, but it helps.

Plus, you can combine the rolling and the icing together by freezing the golf balls or freezing a bottle of water to roll your feet on!

Frozen Golf BallsCompression

I find the socks that have the compression arch support help me, they may be a bit more expensive, but in the “long run” it’s worth it!  (Pun totally intended. I’m super cheesy.)

Swiftwick Vibe One

KT Tape

I only started taping my foot about a month ago shortly before the Marine Corps Marathon.  I made it through Marine Corps and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon pain free, but I still wasn’t totally convinced the tape was doing anything.  I got lazy and didn’t tape my foot for this weekends race and of course it’s killing me!  Whether it’s in my head or it really does something you can bet I’m taping my foot for long runs moving forward!

KT Tape 1

Happy Feet Tips from Live, Run, Grow Readers!

Carlee – wear the right shoes!

Lesley – wear good running socks and keep toenails filed down

**YES! Short toenails are the key to KEEPING all your toenails!

Jodi – wearing the best shoes and keeping my toes painted a pretty color!

**Hmmm…maybe I’m wearing the wrong color nail polish color…

Jen shared this regarding socks – “cotton is rotten and should be forgotten!”

**This one made me laugh, but I’ll definitely never forget it!

Patrick – body glide the crap out of them to prevent blisters!

Debbie – keep your shoes in good shape, when they lose cushion recycle them!

Jen – compression sleeves or socks, also doesn’t hurt to have my husband rub my tired feet!

Kellie – putting my feet up…and drinking a beer…tends to help them post run!

What works for you?

Any other good tips?

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a health professional, only a yoga teacher and fellow runner sharing tips that have worked for me!  Please consider your own health circumstances before using any of these tips and consult with your doctor if necessary!  

14 thoughts on “Tips for Happy Feet

  1. I’ve incorporated that foot stretch more and more. The first time I did it was in yoga class a couple years ago, and I could barely hold it. My feet hurt so much, and my bum wasn’t even close to my heels. Now, it’s so much better.

  2. the foot stretch… it hurts so good. I took my socks off a few times this week and last week and noticed that there was blood all over my foot. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I was remarkably unperturbed by it. That’s probably not a good attitude to have, right?

    • Haha, ummm…yeah. You might want to look into that one.

      Funny though how with running so much we just sort of get used to occasional aches and pains and it’s like no big deal…

  3. Great post! I use to have a lot of arch pain. I started doing a lot of self-massages which is the same concept as your golf balls, stretching, and finding the right pair of shoes. For me, I moved to a more neutral performance shoe (Saucony Kinvara) and a lot of my pain went away regarding feet and leg pain. I’m sure the biggest reason was jumping into marathon training too quickly. 🙂

    Happy Training and Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

    • Thanks Joshua! I’ve really liked the shoes I’ve been wearing, but I’ve been in the same ones (same style, multiple pairs) for about a year and a half now…I was thinking may be time for a change, maybe that’ll help too!

      • I have went through about 6 pairs of the Kinvaras within the last 4 years (take into account that’s all marathon training). I just remembered within the last year I converted over to their Virrata which is a 0mm heel. If you are not used to being that close to the ground try the Kinvaras first as they have a 4mm. They have been rated one of the best shoes when converting from your traditional training shoe to a more minimal approach. But, to each their own. You have to find that shoe that fits you. 🙂

        Happy Training

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