Weekly Training Recap

Sorry for the delay on the Wine & Dine recap – I promise it’ll be up tomorrow!

RECAP (11/11-11/17)

Monday – last day at Disney!

We may have stuffed ourselves silly after the race!

Beaches & Cream

Patrick, Jenn & I checking out Beaches & Cream!

Tuesday – fly home from Florida / rest day

Wednesday – 6 mile speed work

1 mile warm up, 1600m @ 8:30/ 400m slow intervals, 1 mile cool down

Thursday – rest day

Friday – rest day 

Pretty much spent the afternoon obsessed with following the SF BatKid story.  

Amazing job San Francisco.


And if you have no idea what this is check it out HERE or search #SFBatKid on twitter.  

Saturday – 3 mile walk & 5 mile run

Gorgeous day for a walk with my sister, her boyfriend Jeff, their new puppy Dixie and my cousin Jessica and her adorable daughter Belle!  (Seriously how fun is that name going to be when I eventually get them to Disney!)

Walk with Belle

Sunday – working on some recovery so I’m ready to start running fresh this week!

Yoga – none 

Weekly Mileage –  11 miles

2013 Mileage – 699 miles


I had planned to do a longer run on Sunday to begin my Dopey training, but I realized my legs were still feeling pretty tired from Wine & Dine (I definitely ran harder than I had planned!), so I adjusted my Dopey plan to give myself a little extra rest time this weekend!

NEXT WEEK (11/11-11/17)

Really need to get back to yoga, I can feel such a difference when I’m not going regularly!

Fun Photo of the Week!

Look what my mom picked up for me!


I love the slinky dog from Toy Story – you know, because I have a dachshund!

I’m curious…

Who’s your favorite Disney character??  

So hard to choose, right!?

13 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. I’m so glad to see you’re taking today easy. I was really dreading a long run and decided I’ll do 5 or 6 this afternoon and then get back to it this week. Having such a hard time getting going for Dopey!

  2. I love Pez dispensers and that one is just perfect for you!.I don’t have one favorite character at Disney but love many of them! Yes, that is a lame answer!

  3. AWESOME job on Wine and Dine — you deserved that extra bit of rest before kicking off your Dopey training! Aw, love the Pez dispenser! My favorite Disney character? Ariel is my favorite princess, and my favorite character is Pooh, followed closely by Mike/Sulley and Stitch. 😀

  4. How can you possibly pick 1 favorite character?!?! I can pick one per movie…maybe…maybe lol

    And my planned running this week definitely did not go as planned either…no worries, there’s still plenty of time! 🙂

  5. I have to pick just one Disney character? I couldn’t possibly. BTW, I’m wicked jealous of that Pez dispenser. I buy Pez dispensers all the time for my kids – they don’t understand my obsession and I never buy them for myself. I refuse to let them throw them away so I have gallon sized ZipLock bags all over full of their discarded dispensers!! 🙂

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