Wine & Dine Half Marathon: Before the Starting Line

In case you missed it, my Wine & Dine weekend started off with the runDisney Meet-Up on Thursday night.

Friday my friends and I spent the day in the Magic Kingdom where we checked out the Jingle Cruise (which I thought was hysterical), met the new talking Mickey (totally cooler than I expected!) and I (of course!) had a Dole Whip!

Magic Kingdom

We left the park around 5:30 and headed over to the expo with just enough time to grab our bibs and t-shirts before it closed for the day!

Expo Collage

Even with a quick stop to get my foot taped at the KT booth (there was no line since they were closing!) we were in an out in about a half an hour!  That MUST be some sort of expo record!

Race day started off with a buffet breakfast at Boma, where I quickly got frustrated with the long lines (trust me, you don’t want to keep me from a breakfast buffet!), but I powered through and managed to come in a strong second.  (Yes, buffet eating IS a contest.)

Boma Breakfast

We spent a few hours in Animal Kingdom before Jenn and I headed back to the room for a pre-race nap since our main goal for the evening was to be able to stay awake long enough to close out the Finish Line Party at 4am!  Between the nap and a few pre-race coffees, we were good to go come race time!

Room 131 Keurig

What? Your room didn’t have a Keurig??  Yeah…we may have brought our own for the weekend.  That’s right, our room rocked.

By 7:30pm our room was awake, caffeinated, dressed and in line for a bus to the race starting area at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  Since we were running a little on the late side by the time we got there we had just enough time to drop off our checked bags, wait in a looong porta-potty line (thank you to the lady that passed a roll of toilet paper down the line!) and head into our corrals!


Beach Club room 131 powered by Keurig!
(Jenn, Daniel, Patrick & I)

Pat left us for corral A and Jenn, Daniel and I found some room in corral C to stretch for a few minutes and before we knew it the fireworks were going off and we were on our way!

Starting LineCome back tomorrow for 13.1 miles and beyond!

How do you prepare for a night race?

15 thoughts on “Wine & Dine Half Marathon: Before the Starting Line

  1. I had wanted to check out the Jingle Cruise, but the line was too long by the time we got there 😦 I have a lot of “must do”s for next year! And I LOVE the Beach Club, I haven’t stayed there in over 15 years (man I feel old)…can’t wait for the race recap!

    • Aww, you’ll definitely have to see the Jingle Cruise if they do it again next year! It totally depends on your skipper though (same as the regular version), we went twice – once was hysterical, once not so much. We used FastPass+ and walked right on both times!

  2. I actually like night races, I seem to do really well in them. Food wise, I treat it just as I would a morning race just working in reverse. The hard part about a night race is the staying off the feet and waiting all day. So excited to hear how the 13.1 went…but I think I already know since I stalked you on Instagram all weekend!

  3. Can’t wait to read the rest of your recap (working on mine now!) Now that I’ve run a night race, I can say with absolute certainty that I very much prefer getting up in the wee hours of the morning after a full night’s rest. As per usual, I overdid it in the parks in the days leading up the race, and I definitely paid for it!

    • Yeah, I just find the night races really hard to prepare for between wanting to be at the parks and trying to figure out what to eat and when – I can never seem to get it just right!

  4. Can’t wait for the rest of the recap! That must have been an expo record, especially with a stop at the KT Tape booth! Mmm, Dole Whips.

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