Dopey Challenge Training

With the Marine Corps Marathon in the books, it’s time to focus on training for the Dopey Challenge which is just over 2 months away!

Dopey Challenge LogoFor those of you not familiar, the Dopey Challenge is an inaugural event at this year’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (January 8-12, 2014).  The challenge is to complete all 4 of the Marathon Weekend events:

Dopey Challenge GraphicAnd for your efforts you will receive not only the medal for each individual race, but the Goofy medal (Goofy is completing the 1/2 & full marathon) and a medal for completing the Dopey Challenge!

Dopey MedalSince the Dopey Challenge is new and pretty unique there aren’t too many resources out there for training, but I did manage to find a few and from there I put together my own training plan (which I prefer to do to take into account my personal schedule, other races and what I know works best for my body).

Since I did the “unofficial Dopey” last year – the Goofy + the 5k (there was no 10k last year), I am confident my body can handle the back-to-back distances if I train properly, get to yoga on my non-run days and focus on recovery between races.

And I thought this was a lot of medals!

2013 Marathon Weekend medals

I’m still on a bit of a marathon high from Marine Corps, so I’m actually really excited to get started!  Today’s run will kick off my Dopey training and my first “long run” will be the Wine & Dine Half Marathon this weekend!

Here are the Dopey resources I’ve found in case anyone is looking for any:

runDisney Dopey Training Plan

Runner’s World “How To Train for the Dopey Challenge”

Hal Higdon Dopey Challenge Training Guide

Anyone else training for Dopey or

another Marathon Weekend event?


28 thoughts on “Dopey Challenge Training

    • Yes, that’s definitely the key to being able to complete a challenge like this! I just try to take each day one at a time and not try to “race” any of them, just have fun!

  1. We will also be turning into “Dopes” in January. Can’t wait for all those beautiful medals and then it will be time for a rest from running!

  2. I’m pretty excited-dopey takes a lot of the pressure off for me since I’m not trying to fake being fast, I just need to get from one mile marker to the next!

    • Hahaha, yeah, I totally know what you mean, it’s a completely different type of training, I rarely ever look at my times except to make sure I’m going SLOW enough!

  3. Definitely need to conquer Goofy before I can conquer Dopey lol. If the challenge is still around then, maybe I’ll do it for the 5th anniversary, although the idea of getting up that early 4 days in a row, you guys really are Dopey and I would definitely be Grumpy (I know my costume when I try it now! lol)

  4. I am so excited about all the fab bling you’re gonna rack up in that weekend!!!! I’m not doing Dopey or any of the Marathon weekend events. I am doing Tink and even though there’s no official challenge, am doing the 10K on Saturday and the half Sunday. I am determined to register for the Dumbo Challenge!!! I really loved the Dumbo medal!!!

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