Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (9/30-10/6)

Monday – rest day / taught 1 hour yoga class

Tuesday – 3 mile run, 10 minute foam rolling

Wednesday – rest day/ 10 minutes foam rolling

Thursday – rest day / 10 minutes foam rolling

Friday – 3 mile run. 75 minute yoga class and 10 minutes foam rolling

Saturday – taught 75 minute restorative yoga class

Restorative Yoga Props

Sunday – 22 miles (20 miles run/ walk, 2 miles walking)

Read about my recovery plan HERE!  

Yoga – 1 yoga class (taught 2 classes)

Weekly Mileage –  28 miles

2013 Mileage – 609 miles


Well this was definitely not the long run I was hoping to finish up with leading into MCM.  From the start I just wasn’t quite feeling this run and it slowly went down hill from mile 15 on.  I’m coming away from this run knowing that I really need to get to yoga more often (I can really tell the difference in my long runs when I don’t practice as much!) and I need to spend some more quality time with my foam roller in the next few weeks.

Foam Rolling

I did get to teach my first restorative yoga class this week which was kind of cool.  I love restorative yoga and I was actually there to take the class, but was asked if I could jump in and teach when the teacher didn’t show up!

NEXT WEEK (10/7-10/13)

Yoga. Foam Roll. More Yoga. More Foam Rolling.

Fun Photo!

Not the best picture of me, but how darn cute is Madison!  We had a little floor photo shoot to send pictures to Jason since he’s away for work for almost 2 weeks!

Pic for Jason

6 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Does Madison help out with the foam rolling and yoga? Whenever I visit my parents, one of the cats love to help, but mostly his “help” is going after my ponytail.

    • Haha, YES! Whenever I got on the floor with my foam roller Madison runs and gets one of her bones and starts rolling around too! It’s SO cute but I’ve never been able to get a good picture of it!

  2. My last training runs before Goofy Challenge were horrible but I managed to run really well at GC. Remember that you have trained really hard and are ready for this marathon! Happy taper!

  3. The weather here has been horrible! I was barely able to do 4 miles without dying from dehydration, let alone your 22. I wouldn’t worry about it not going so well, you are a marathoner, you’ve got this!

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