Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend: Expo & Meeting Friends!

I really wanted to get my race recaps done first, so now I just want to go back and “chat” about a few other things from the Disneyland race weekend!

The Expo

As I’m sure most of you have either read or experienced yourself, the expo was…well…overwhelming.

DL Half Expo

I’m not going to dwell on it much other than to say I think runDisney fans are just incredibly passionate and everyone wants to be there when doors open!

Packet Pick Up Line

Having worked in live events in professional sports for almost 10 years I can totally appreciate how an unexpected rush of passionate fans can be overwhelming, but I think they handled it the best they could and that’s all I’m going to say about that!  (I just hope that anyone whose first runDisney experience this was isn’t turned off from future events!)

I don’t have any pictures of merchandise to show because, well, I didn’t wait in the line to get any (which is fine, probably saved me some $!).  The only booth I stopped at was the runDisney booth to take a quick look at all the new medals!

runDisney medalsRaces

The starting corrals were a bit crowded at both races, in fact, for the 10k, we never actually made it into our correct corral.  We were heading back to F since we were running as a group and that’s where our farthest back person was, but I think somehow we were shoved into D and we just went with it!  Other than that the races were well organized and packed with entertainment as usual!

Welcome to Radiator Springs

I did have an issue with the timing chip on the back of my bib, the wrong strip was put on my bib so at packet pick up I was given a new bib with a new # that was supposed to be linked to my name – unfortunately this never happened so I wasn’t able to get the runner tracking texts and I still don’t have an official time.

The good news is I spoke with TrackShack (who manages the race timing) and my bib WAS recording, they just need to link that bib # to my name which they said should be done in the next few days.  I probably would have been more bothered by this had I been running for a PR time, I wasn’t too concerned about my time for either of these races, so it wasn’t really a huge deal.  (**please note this was not a runDisney mistake, TrackShack handles all the race timing)

New Friends

Not only did I get to see so many of my Disney running friends that I’ve met at previous races…

Half Pre Race Group Photo

…but I (finally!) got to meet a lot of friends I’ve gotten to know through blogging and social media over the past few months!

Disneyland Blog Friends

I also got to see:

Sarah from Running at Disney

Amanda from Disney Everyday

Heather from Through Heather’s Looking Glass

Keith from The Disney Project

Ashley from All Beautifully Strong

(who posted a great “runner’s moment” story from the 10k!)

and of course my runDisney partner in crime, Jenn from Eat, Sleep, Run Disney!

Be sure to check out their blogs for more great recaps!

Can’t wait to see everyone at future races!

Next Up – Marine Corp Marathon & Wine & Dine Half!

And just in case you missed them here are my recaps from the 10k and half marathon!

The Inaugural Disneyland 10k

The Disneyland Half Marathon

11 thoughts on “Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend: Expo & Meeting Friends!

  1. So fun! I think Disney needs to presale some of the items like they do with the pins/necklaces/ears for people who are runners.
    Hope to meet you at the Wine & Dine Half! Maybe we could have a pre-run yoga meet up! 🙂

  2. Very well said 🙂 I realized I think I was too overwhelmed at the expo that I took NO photos, except for the new medals. Doh! 😦 I might have to bug our resident photographer Daniel to borrow some of his.

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  4. So fun you got to meet so many bloggers! I was too stressed at the expo and exhausted after the half (plus my phone wasn’t working properly after the race) to try to tweet at anyone or meet up, though in retrospect I wish I had!

  5. Wow, you met EVERYONE! lol It was so great getting to finally meet you! I still think its hysterical how close we live and yet met 3000 miles away. Btw, can you send me that pic you took of us with Doug before the 10K? I feel horrible asking since you’ve already sent me a few :/

    I still have nightmares from that expo. BUT I’m so excited about the W&D medal this year, looks sooooo much nicer than last years!

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