Weekly Training Recap

Ok, first things first – I finally joined 2013 and make a Facebook page for Live, Run, Grow!

I have to admit that Facebook is probably my least favorite social media, so I’ve been reluctant to create one, but I finally figured I was missing out on a the opportunity to share great additional content with all of you!

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RECAP (8/5-8/11)

Monday – 90 minute yoga on the beach class

10 push ups & 1 min 6 sec plank

Tuesday – 90 minute yoga class & 3 mile run

10 + 5 push ups & 1 min 5 sec plank


Wednesday – rest day/ 10 + 5 push ups

Thursday – 90 minute yin yoga class & 3 mile run

Falmouth Road Race Expo!

Race Bibs

Friday – LOTS Of cleaning to get ready to leave the Cape  : (

Saturday – lazy day at the beach & paddle boarding

Sunday – Falmouth Road Race! (7 miles in 1:05:56, 9:17 pace)


Yoga – 4.5 hours 

Weekly Mileage –  13 miles 

2013 Mileage – 420 miles


Definitely still not getting in enough mileage considering I’m supposed to be training for a fall marathon (oops!), but the Falmouth Road Race was such a great experience and an amazing way to finish up my summer at the Cape!

NEXT WEEK (8/12-8/18)

running, running running!  Need to do at least 1 speed work session and a 16+ mile long run to be somewhat back on track with my MCM training plan!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. Good luck getting back on your training for MCM. Your summer yoga routine and paddle boarding should help alot. I would love to run the Falmouth Road Race one day. It was obvious you had a fun time based on the huge smile on your face at the finish line!

    • Haha, wait until you read the race recap – I’m a little surprised I was smiling so much in that picture! It was such a great race though, I can’t wait to do it again!

  2. It seems like FB pages are where it’s at! I need to create one, but I have too many social media mediums as it is. Good luck with your 16miler!

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