Falmouth Road Race: Before the Start Line

Let me just start by saying if you have ever thought about running the Falmouth Road Race, love scenic runs, or live in the Northeast you should DEFINITELY do it!

I can’t say enough good things about this race experience – from the organization and the amazing views to the great volunteer and crowd support I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to do it again!

I’ve decided to break the race recap into two posts so I can do it justice and include lots of pictures, so here we go with Part 1 – Before the Start Line…

Pat and I left the house around 6:30am since we were concerned about traffic getting into Falmouth and finding a good spot to park once we got there.  We ended up finding a perfect place that was about a half mile from the busses to the start and a half mile from the finish and walked over to get the bus to Woods Hole.

FRR Busses

The bus shuttle was really organized and extremely efficient, we actually ended up getting to the start area REALLY early, but to be honest it was great!  It was a gorgeous day and we had lots of time to walk around and check out Woods Hole…

Woods Hole Start

Photo by Patrick Lazatin

…the start line…

FRR Start Line

…which is still right at the Captain Kidd bar…

(read the Falmouth Road Race story HERE!)

Captain Kidd

…which has a plaque honoring Tommy Leonard, the race founder!

Tommy Leonard Plaque

We even saw a pre-race wedding!

FRR Wedding

The entire wedding party’s attire was made up of running clothes and all were “celebrating” by running the race – including the officiant!  (Pat sent me this link he found on their story!)

As race time approached we headed over to get in our corral…

Corrals…where we waited for the official race starter, Boston Marathon survivor Jeff Bauman, to send us on our way!

Jeff Bauman

Photo from Falmouth Road Race Facebook Page


7 thoughts on “Falmouth Road Race: Before the Start Line

  1. Ooo I’d love to visit Woods Hole someday, especially WHOI being a marine scientist and all (Woods Hole Oceanography Institute). And it seems like wedding themes are not uncommon at races since at the Big Sur 9 miler, a woman and her bridesmades for her future wedding ran in tutus and apparently the year before someone arranged to propose to his fiance at the finish line after they finished the Big Sur Marathon! I’ll check back tomorrow to see how your race went!

  2. The race looks so awesome and what a sweet story (of course I had to open the link and get all sappy about it)! Hope the end of your summer break is treating you with love!

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