Weekly Training Recap

RECAP (7/29-8/4)

Monday – studying for my stats final (SO glad that class is over!)

Tuesday – 90 minute yoga class & 3 mile run

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 5 mile run (1mi warm-up, 3mi speed intervals 800 fast/ 400 slow, 1mi cool-down)

1st Track Workout

Push Up Challenge Start! 

* *I decided to add a plank-a-day to my challenge as well!

2 sets of 5 push ups (barely!) and :45 second plank

Friday – 6 push ups and :50 second plank

Saturday – 14 mile run (followed by ice bath, foam rolling & stretching)

Shining Sea Bike Path

Sunday – rest day

Yoga – 1.5 hours 

Weekly Mileage –  22 miles 

2013 Mileage – 407 miles


This week was actually the first time I’ve ever driven anywhere to go for my run, I usually just go from my house or wherever I am.  I didn’t mind it for the speed work because it was less than 5 minute drive, but even though the bike path I went to for my long run was gorgeous I wasn’t a fan of the half hour ride home – I was tired and sore and just wanted to get in the shower!

My long run didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but I’m just glad I got it in.  I feel like my training has been seriously lacking this summer so I’m getting a little nervous about MCM.

NEXT WEEK (8/5-8/11)

Yoga on the beach, hopefully one speed work run and finishing up the week (and my summer on Cape Cod!) with the Falmouth Road Race!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. You totally have time. When is the MCM compared to your Disney races? And with all the yoga and upper body work you’re doing, I bet you’ll PR (and if not, you’ll have fun!).

    Can’t wait to see you sometime when you’re back in NY. We’re loving the city and are up for visitors any time. 🙂

    • The Disneyland Half is end of August, MCM is October 27th and then Wine & Dine is in November. Definitely need to start getting some good long runs in soon!

      I’m out of town until at least August 18th and then I leave for DL the 28th, we’ll have to get together when I get back from California – summer is always so busy for me!

  2. It is sooooo great that you got that 14 miles in! Good, bad, or ugly, you did them and that’s what counts! And don’t worry about the MCM, you’ll do great! You still have plenty of time to train for it…

    …unlike me and the Dumbo :/

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