My Cape Cod: A Photo Tour

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now –


So, I thought it would be fun to give you a quick 

photo “tour” of all things Cape Cod!


Our condo is in a little village called Maushop in New Seabury…

Maushop… and we have a wonderful little beach walking distance from the house!

Maushop BeachWe love eating all the local seafood…

Lobsters…and always follow it up with ice cream!

SmittysWe fill the time between meals with fun stuff like stand up paddle boarding…


…yoga on the beach…


…scenic runs…

Shining Sea Bike Path

…taking Maddie for long walks…

Maddie CC Walk

…and even the occasional whale watch!

Whale Watch

It’s so hard leaving at the end of the summer, we can never wait to get back!

Full Moon

Thanks for coming along on my little tour…

now I’m off to enjoy my last few Cape Cod days of the summer!

Have you ever been to Cape Cod?

Do you have a favorite summer vacation place?

(P.S. – as I’m writing this the Cape Cod episode of Shark Week is on…

and NO, we are not near where the sharks are, 

but a good rule of thumb is – if you see a seal, get out of the water!)

10 thoughts on “My Cape Cod: A Photo Tour

  1. Awesome photos !!! Somehow it just seemed the photo your should be set to music !!! It is hard to leave the cape !! Love ya, Mom

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  2. Love Cape Cod and spent summers there as a teenager and through my college days. My parents home was in Saconneset Hills in West Falmouth. We need to plan to spend a few weeks there next summer!

  3. Patti and I are soooooooooo envious of the two of you. Patti’s aunt and uncle used to have excursion boats that went to Nantucket and the Vineyard from Hyannis when she was younger. Many moons ago. We also love even the thought of eating all that sea food. No Oysters though after what J went through! Been there not my idea of a good time. L to the 3 of you! Bill

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