Yoga for Athletes – Help Wanted!

This Saturday I’m hosting my first Yoga for Athletes Workshop.


I had limited registration to 15 people due to the size of the space I’ll be using and much to my surprise it actually sold out rather quickly – so I added another date in a few weeks!

Sharing yoga with athletes, especially fellow runners, is something I really enjoy and having taught yoga for runners at my local running store and track club and having recently taken a Teaching Yoga to Athletes Workshop I feel really well prepared to host this workshop.

Marathon Sports Yoga Tree

That being said, I was hoping YOU could help me!

Here’s the description of the workshop:

Join Danielle Nardi, a certified yoga teacher and active runner, for a 2-hour Yoga for Athletes workshop and learn how to incorporate yoga into your training and recovery!

We’ll begin discussing the benefits of yoga for athletes (flexibility, balance, strength and focus!) and then we’ll go through some short yoga sequences including a dynamic warm-up, a cool-down and some core strengthening poses.

Incorporating yoga that focuses on common problem areas specific to athletes can improve form, make you stronger and more resistant to injury – no yoga experience necessary!

As you can see my goal for the workshop is to share the benefits of yoga and teach athletes how to incorporate yoga into their training plan.  We’ll also go through several short yoga sequences that everyone will get handouts of so they can incorporate it into their home practice.

So, all that being said, if YOU were attending a Yoga for Athletes Workshop what would you want to get out of it?  Anything specific you’d like to/ expect to learn/ takeaway from it?

Since it is Yoga for ATHLETES and not specifically RUNNERS, I’m not necessarily planning on getting too much into sport specific muscle groups/ poses since different sports will be interested in different muscle groups, but rather a broader overview of how to choose the poses that are right for you and how to then incorporate it into your training plan.

I just want to make sure I’m giving everyone that’s attending what they’re looking for so I’d love input from other runners as I finish my planning this week!

One thought on “Yoga for Athletes – Help Wanted!

  1. Hey! I used to take a core yoga class … it was hard and we sweated. I found yoga that focused on core strengthen my balance and I felt more “level” when walking or standing. We used props and Pilates balls too. It was a great yoga workout!

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