Thoughts on Wine & Dine 2016

While I was away in Italy some changes to the runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon were announced.

Wine & Dine was my very first race EVER in 2011 and I’ve run it each year since…

Wine & Dine 4 Year Collage 2

…and in 2015 (despite all the weather delay craziness!) I was able to share it with Jason for the first time (or at least 6.72 miles of it!).

Finish Photo

Despite starting a physical therapy doctorate program this summer I had been planning on trying to squeeze in a quick weekend trip to Disney in the fall for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon – I had even renewed my annual pass assuming I’d be there!

But to be honest, with the announced changes the race is much less appealing to me and with early DVC/ AP registration opening today I’m planning on taking a pass and not running my formerly favorite race this year.

For those of you who don’t follow the world of runDisney (and to be honest, I am less and less recently!), they’ve moved what was a Saturday night 10pm half marathon immediately followed by an after party in Epcot for the Food & Wine Festival (until 4am!) to a Sunday morning race (adding a new 10k race on the Saturday morning) with the after party being held later on Sunday night.

I really loved the uniqueness of a night race and unfortunately with school this year I was planning on flying home on Sunday so I wouldn’t even be able to stay for the Sunday night after party!

As disappointed as I am, on the bright side Jason and I are not walking about trying to take a weekend trip to Disney this spring before I start school in June just to make our annual passes worth it – that would mean I’d get to go to the Flower & Garden Festival which I’ve never been to!  Let’s hope that works out!

What are your thoughts on the Wine & Dine changes?

Has your favorite race ever made big changes?

17 thoughts on “Thoughts on Wine & Dine 2016

  1. Danielle,
    My husband and I ran our first ever Disney run, and our first Wine & Dine last year. Although it was difficult to prepare for, being a night run, I like you, agree I love the fact that it was unique. I loved the idea of running at night…I’m not aware of any other run that does this.

    With the change and making the Wine & Dine now during the day I feel it’s lost it’s appeal. It now has become the same as every other race, and sadly lost us as participates. I really wish Disney would of done a survey with their runners first before making this change. I wonder how this change will impact the Wine & Dine?

    • I’m definitely disappointed, but I do know some people who are glad it’s a morning race now, so I guess you’re never going to please everyone! I just can’t rationalize spending the money on the race if it’s just another morning race and I can’t even stay for the after party! I’m glad I got to do it several times before they changed it, but I’m still sad to see it go!

  2. Yep, probably sitting this one out, too. I was actually wondering how you might react to the announcement; I remembered this was “your” race!

    I’m so disappointed about the changes. There’s really just nothing “special” about the race anymore. The original plan was to fly in early for W&D and then stick around for our wedding later that week (‘cuz that’s a normal thing to say, lol) but we’re not really into it now. Honestly, the only runDisney race that still really excites me is the marathon, so I guess we’ll be saving our $$$ for that (if there’s any left after said wedding, of course, haha).

    • Oooh, are you guys getting married in Disney?!

      I agree, there’s really nothing unique and special about this race any more. I’ll probably still do Marathon Weekend because I love that one, but that may be it for my as far as runDisney goes in the future – on the bright side, saves me some money I guess!

  3. I did think of you when I read about the changes. I hadn’t done the W&D half, but I did do the 5k the first ever year, when it was through the Magic Kingdom. I know the nighttime made the half special.

  4. We are also disappointed in this change and feel that it is just like every other Disney race. You know I missed Princess for the first time after 5 years straight this year and you know what? I don’t regret it. The excitement of the runDisney races has lost it’s appeal for me

    • Yeah, I’m not even feeling tempted to register for this one. I do still really enjoy marathon weekend so I may do that again, but who knows, they may change that one too somehow!

  5. Well, I think I’m odd man out on this. I am actually hoping to make this my goal race for my first half-marathon. When I got the email about the changes of course I had no idea 😯 So the responses I’m reading are interesting. I’m still training and I would like this one to be my goal race. Sorry I won’t see you there. Glad you had a great trip! That’s on the ole bucket list!

    • No, I don’t think you are odd man out, I’ve heard a lot of people that are happy about the change because they’d rather run in the morning than at night, I just liked the uniqueness of the night race!

      I’m sure you’ll love the race either way, the Disney are always fun! And honestly I’d probably consider doing it if the race was Saturday morning and the party on Saturday night, I just can’t stay over Sunday night so I’d miss the party which sort of makes it just seem like a really expensive half marathon : (

  6. I am definitely running the 2016 Wine and Dine since I ended up deferring last year after and injury and illness interrupted my training for a significant chunk of time last summer. (Although, ironically, by November I was at a place where I could have nailed a 6 1/2 – 7 mile run!)

    I can’t say I am really surprised about the change in time – Disney has outright cancelled their other night races (Tower of Terror 10 mile and Expedition Everest Challenge) so while I didn’t really think about it, moving the time of the Wine and Dine follows naturally.

    I am actually more disappointed about the course changes than I am about the time change. I loved running through Hollywood Studios! My husband and I take a weekend every year to go to Disney and plan our weekend around a race. I found that the night race interfered with our weekend more than the morning ones do. I certainly enjoyed the Wine and Dine at night (especially the Osborne Lights) but as a back of the pack runner, the morning races are mentally easier for me. Waiting for corral after corral in front of mine to begin as the clock ticked farther and farther past my normal bedtime really messed with my head.

    I did not go to the after party when I did the Wine and Dine in 2014 and hadn’t planned to before deferring last year. We were already planned to fly home on Monday for this year’s trip, so with it ability to go for the entire time on Sunday night we may add it to the itinerary this year.

    • I agree that I’m not necessarily surprised about the change, especially given that there are no more Osborne Lights to run through, just disappointed, I may be a minority, but I really enjoyed the night race!

      I can definitely understand how the Wine & Dine race at night was probably increasingly frustrating the farther back in the corrals you are because essentially it was leaving you with less time at the after party which stinks!

      It sounds like a lot of people are happy about the change, so that’s good, unfortunately it just lost a lot of the appeal for me – no big deal though, I’ll probably still do Marathon Weekend and just try to take a separate trip to the Food & Wine Festival!

  7. I agree with you-the night race made it awesome and I am sad to see it go However with all of the construction going on in Animal Kingdom and Hollywood studios i understand. I am really hoping once Pandora is completed (running through that would be amazing!), the hype of Rivers of Light calms down (just how it has calmed down for world of color in DCA from 3 shows a night to 1), and Star wars land and pixar land are done, they will bring the night race back.

    I already signed up for all 3 races yesterday! I love new race challenges and it will be nice to be able to enjoy the full after party that Sunday night. and of course I love the food and wine festival!

    • Good point, maybe once some of the new lands are done they’ll bring back a night race, I’m sure it’s hard to host a night race when there trying to get construction done at night!

      I think if I was able to stay for the after party on Sunday night I may be a bit more inclined to register, but knowing I have to get back on Sunday for school on Monday means I’d miss it : (

      Hope you have a blast and I can’t wait to hear about it!

  8. Yup. I’m out. I’ll do it this one last time but then I’m calling it a day for W&D. I can run a bunch of other typical morning half marathons around here that will cost a whole lot less. Sadly though, runDisney will probably never change it back as too many people will be stepping in to take the place of those who only ran it because of the unique opportunities this race presented.

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