Trip Planning – Back Home

So, we’re back home.

And it’s snowing.

We spent our last few days in Italy in Florence visiting the David, seeing the sites and biking through the hills of Tuscany…

Biking Tuscany

…and of course drinking lots of delicious wine!

We even brought some wine, olive oil and cheese home with us (and boy were we relieved when we opened our checked baggage in Boston and saw it all made it in one piece!).

Wine and Oil

I can’t wait to share more about our trip with you in some upcoming posts!

Oh and I can’t wait to share more pictures from one of the best things we decided to do while in Italy – a session with a Flytographer!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen some pictures from a photoshoot we had done with a professional photographer in Rome, such an amazing souvenir from our trip!


Flytographer - street

I can’t believe this trip I had been planning and looking forward to for so long is over – we already can’t stop talking about our “next trip” to Italy!

Any questions about my trip for my upcoming posts?

How do you deal with post-vacation blues??

5 thoughts on “Trip Planning – Back Home

  1. Ahhh yes, the inevitable post-Italy blues. The only cure….start planning the next trip! That’s what we did, lol! Plus every time we place another order for olive oil from Piano, it brings back all the memories again. 🙂 Come mi manchi Italia!

  2. Living on Cape Cod makes it a little easier to return home from a vacation. I feel like I have escaped to another country when I cross the Bourne Bridge and head to Maushop. 🙂

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