Trip Planning – Florence Itinerary


Ciao friends!

We’re on the train leaving Venice and on the way to Florence!

Venice was lovely, but definitely more crowded and more touristy than we expected!

This morning we got up early and saw the city the way it was meant to be seen – by foot and by water, we went for a running and kayaking tour!  It definitely was an amazing way to experience such a unique city!

Venice Biathlon.jpg

We didn’t end up making the trip out to Burano, which is unfortunate, but let me tell you, we were EXHAUSTED and needed a bit of a break in the afternoon.

We have 2 and a half days in Florence and then we spend our last night in Rome before heading home – what an amazing trip it’s been so far, I can’t believe it’s almost over!

Final Itinerary - FLORENCE

Here’s what we’re up to the next three days in Florence:

  • Full Day Tour Including the Duomo, the David and the Uffizi
  • Florence Food & Wine Tour
  • Day Trip Biking Through Tuscan Vineyards

I can’t wait to share more about our trip when we’re back!

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