Trip Planning – Venice Itinerary


Rome has been AMAZING and I can’t wait to tell you all about everything we’ve done over the past 4 days!  We hit 1 snafu when we arrived for our full day cooking class only to be told the chef was sick and they needed to cancel, we were bummed, but hey, it was a gorgeous day and we were in Rome!

Rome - View from VE 1.jpg

We did everything else we had planned though – we saw the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, and of course we ate A TON of amazing food and gelato!  We even did our best to work it all off with a few runs – don’t worry I’ll be sharing lots of pictures and short reviews on our hotel, tours and everything we ate along the way!

Colosseum Run Danielle.jpg

As you’re reading this we’re zipping through Italy on the train on our way to Venice!  (Actually, not quite…as I’m about to post this we’re sitting stopped due to a “technical delay” – hopefully it won’t keep us waiting too long!)

Final Itinerary - VENICE

Here’s what we’ll be up to while we’re in Venice:

  • Grand Canal Audio Tour (Ricks Steves audio tours have been great!)
  • Food & Wine Tour of Venice
  • Sightseeing including: Doge’s Palace, St. Marc’s Basilica
  • Run & Kayak Tour of Venice
  • Trip to Burano

We LOVED Rome and we’re sad to leave,

but we’re excited to be off to explore another city!  

4 thoughts on “Trip Planning – Venice Itinerary

  1. Sounds like your having a awesome time and time must be flying bye. Hope the balance of your trip is as great as the first days.

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