Trip Planning – We’re Off! (& Rome Itinerary)

Well, it’s finally here – today we’re off to Italy!

Map of Italy

Our flight is at 5:30pm tonight and we land in Rome early on Thursday morning and have a full day ahead of us (let’s hope we’re able to get some sleep on the plane!).

I’m really not sure how much I’ll be sharing on social media along the way, but I would like to document the things we are doing, so I’d say keep an eye on Instagram, that’s where I’ll most likely post a picture or two of what we do each day!

Also, I doubt I’ll be blogging while I am away (although we do have several train trips that I may be able to write a quick post during!), but I have a few scheduled posts ready to be published on the days that we change cities to let you know what we’ll be up to in each city!

For example, our first stop is Rome!  Here’s what we’ll be up to during our 4 days there…

Final Itinerary - ROME

  • Food Tour in Rome’s Testaccio Neighborhood
  • Tour of Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel
  • Lots of sites! (Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, etc.)
  • Full Day Cooking Class (making homemade pasta!)
  • Hopefully we’ll get in a run or two!
  • LOTS and LOTS of EATING!

I am so excited for this trip and while I know this isn’t really a travel blog, but I do plan on sharing brief reviews of all our plans, tours, etc. when I’m back!

Until then…


10 thoughts on “Trip Planning – We’re Off! (& Rome Itinerary)

  1. So exciting! I only managed about 1 hour of solid sleep on the plane, and I almost fell asleep on the bus tour in Milan. The gentle sway of the bus as it was driving down the streets and the leaning my head against the window almost did me in.

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