Today is March 1st.

Not usually a day of importance for me, but today was the deadline.

The LAST day for me to accept/ decline at the PT programs I was deciding between.

The day I would 100% KNOW what school I’d be attending starting this summer.

I was very fortunate to be accepted at 4 schools (a 5th I applied to doesn’t send out acceptances until mid-March, but it wasn’t my top choice so I feel that whether I get in or not doesn’t affect my decision), and while it was amazing to have options (I know a lot of people who only got in to 1 school or didn’t get in at all!), this was a REALLY hard decision!

I sought opinions and feedback from everywhere and everyone.

I visited each school.  Went on tours.  Talked with current students.

And stressed.  A lot.

Last week I made a decision and put down a deposit at a school.

But until today, I hadn’t actually sent back the “thanks but no thanks” to the other schools, so it didn’t seem quite final.

Today, it’s final.

I always said that staying focused and getting through the pre-requites to apply to programs would be the hardest part for me.  It’s taken me longer than I originally planned/ anticipated, but I’m here.  I made it.

Never Give Up Quote.jpg

And in June I’ll be heading up to Boston to begin a Doctor of Physical Therapy program!

Shipping up to Boston.jpg

18 thoughts on “Decided.

  1. I relate to this SO much! I applied for PhD programs starting in the fall and luckily was accepted to all 7 I applied to, but it makes the decision so much tougher! I’m in the midst of visiting all the schools and need to make a decision by April 15th. How did you ultimately decide on which school is the best fit? And congrats!

    • Honestly, it was TOUGH! I did make a spreadsheet or pros/cons, tuition, etc. (I know, I am such a nerd!). In the end I decided to go with the curriculum I felt most attracted to, the facilities I liked the most after visiting (the school I chose had a lot of great new technology) and the school I felt I’d be most excited to be a part of.

      I am feeling pretty confident in my decision, so hopefully there won’t be much (or any!) second guessing! Good luck with your decision!

    • I actually lived in Boston right after college and loved it so I’m excited to be heading back! That being said I wasn’t a runner back then so I’m looking forward to getting involved with the running community!

  2. I wonder if it is the same program in Boston that one of my BFF just got accepted into? NU?
    I found your blog through Megan Biller’s blog. I’m off to check out your desk yoga. My cubicle chair is the worst!

    • Hi there, sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I was on vacation and not checking my blog regularly! I actually did get accepted into NU’s DPT program, but am going to be attending MGH’s program – I can’t wait to get started! I hope the desk yoga helps, I’ve been thinking about writing another desk yoga post, I feel like a lot of people can benefit from it, sitting all day is the worst!

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