Strength Training for Runners

This past weekend I attended an hour long Strength Training for Runners class at my local running store and while I wasn’t particularly a fan of the trainer who led it (I’m pretty sure it was his first time doing something like this), let me tell you I am sitting on my couch writing this SORE.

Which reminds me, I really should do strength training more often…

I admittedly have never really incorporated strength training into my training and I know how beneficial it is for runners.

So, right after I got home from the class I pulled out these WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards that my friend had given to me and I’m REALLY going to try to start using them more regularly!  The great thing is that they are all bodyweight exercises so you really don’t need any equipment to do them – just a little space!

Exercise Cards

Plus, my friend Allison who came with me to the class has a home gym in her basement so we’re going to try to get together once a week to keep each other accountable.  I’m planning on training to run my next half marathon for time, so I’m sure some strength work would really help!

Do you incorporate strength work into your training?

Do you belong to a gym or do it at home?

Any tips are MUCH appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Strength Training for Runners

  1. Ugh, I don’t do anywhere near as much strength stuff as I should. My new thing that I’m trying is just picking a few easy, body-weight exercises to do after each run other than my long run. So on one day, I’ll do 3-4 core exercises, another day 3-4 arms, another day 3-4 legs. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.

  2. I love my WorkoutLabs cards! They’re easy to pack on the road or just play with in front of the TV. I go through periods where I get into a great strength training routine and periods where I totally fall out of the habit. I’m sure all the yoga you do counts for a lot!

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