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Disclaimer: I received a MOBOT to review as part of my partnership with as a BibRave Pro, however as always, all thoughts and opinions on the product are my own! Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!  (You can find me on HERE!

When it comes to running and racing two of the most important things you need to focus on are hydration and recovery.  Enter the MOBOT.

MOBOT is essentially a stainless steel water bottle WRAPPED IN A FOAM ROLLER!

Mobot 1

The MOBOT comes in 2 sizes, 18oz. and 40oz. and 5 different colors.  The one I was sent in the photo above is the 40oz. Juicybot (assuming the name is because of all the different colors?).

Upon opening the package when I received it I remember thinking it was a little bigger than I had imagined and it felt a bit bulky to carry around as a regular water bottle, but I brought it to my weekly track practice to test it out.

It turns out the track workout was a great place to use this since it’s not a situation that I need to carry the water bottle around, I just leave it on the side of the track and take sips between sets and then I had my foam roller right there to use after my speed work!  (And all my track friends loved it and thought it was such a fun idea!)

Mobot 2

The MOBOT worked great as both a water bottle and foam roller – the stainless steel water bottle core made for a nice firm roller which I like!  (Nothing worse than a too soft foam roller!)

In reading the MOBOT website I found this under their “story” section and I found it particularly interesting:

First Rule of Rolling: Be Hydrated

Because water helps make muscle tissue resilient and pliable, all the awesome benefits of foam rolling are multiplied when you’re well hydrated. It’s that simple. And that’s how the MOBOT was born.

There you have it, a water bottle and a foam roller are a perfect combination!

MOBOT is environmentally conscious too, not only is a re-useable water bottle always a good idea, but this one is BPA free, made of recycled FDA approved stainless steel and then heat pressed with non-toxic foam.  The water bottle part has a screw on top with a straw that flips up and it comes with a complete extra top and straw set.

Like I mentioned earlier, I do think the 40oz. MOBOT is a little bulky to use regularly as a water bottle, I think I might like the 18oz. size better in general (just a guess, I haven’t actually seen an 18oz. one in person!), but this is definitely a great product to throw in your suitcase for a race trip or to take to the track with you!

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3 thoughts on “BibRave Product Review – MOBOT

    • Good question – the water bottle doesn’t actually come out of the roller part, it’s all permanently attached (although now that you mention it that would be kind of cool!).

      The directions say: We suggest cleaning the inside of your MOBOT and lids regularly with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water, a couple of tablespoons of baking soda and a bottle brush. Do not place your MOBOT in the dishwasher or freezer.

      Hope that helps!

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