Run Club – we don’t just run.

I’ve written before about joining a run club (and how NOT scary it is!) and you’ve certainly seen my run club friends pop up in many of my posts and pictures – some of us even made it into Runner’s World this year!

Runners World PictureJason and I were fortunate to not only find a group of people to run with here on the Cape, but they’ve become a great group of friends! And believe it or not, we do more than run together!  We go to yoga, we do brunch, we meet for “coffee talk”, we spin…and in fact, a few weeks ago, it was in spin where we came up with our most recent activity idea!

Dave (the manager of our local Marathon Sports) and I were spinning along…

Spin with Dave

…when the Chariots of Fire music came on during the cool down.  I immediately turned to him and said, “I haven’t seen this movie in so long, I really want to watch it…oh my gosh – RUN CLUB MOVIE NIGHT!?!”

Dave brought the idea to the Marathon Sports powers that be, they gave their blessing, and a few weeks later we were setting up a movie scree right in the store for the Inaugural Mashpee Marathon Sports Movie Night!

Run Club Movie ScreenAnd let’s just say when an event doesn’t involve running with us, it usually involves food!

Run Club Movie Food(Ok, let’s be honest…even when it does involve running it’s usually followed by food!)

And no, we didn’t sit on the floor – we brought beach chairs!

Run Club Movie EveryoneCan you believe there were 19 of us there?! How awesome is that!

Of course the movie we watched was about running though!  Since the Boston Marathon is coming up, we watched a movie called Saint Ralph, a fictional story of a 14 year old boy in the 50’s who sets out to create a miracle by winning the Boston Marathon.

I honestly had never heard of it before (it was Dave’s recommendation!), but it was a really funny movie!

Marathon Sports was kind enough to offer us 20% off after the movie, so of course the night ended with a little shopping!

Run Club Movie Night was such a huge success it sounds like we’ll be doing another one in the future – I can’t wait!

Are you part of a running club that does things other than run?

What’s your favorite running related movie?

15 thoughts on “Run Club – we don’t just run.

  1. Oh this sounds like so much fun. I may suggest this at our local running store. They have guest speakers, but a movie night followed by a little discount would be amazing. So glad you found such a great group.

  2. What a great idea! I’ve been considering joining a run club too. I am on board with the eating when not running because that’s totally what I do anyway! Glad you found such a cool group of runners to hang out with! 🙂

    • Thanks Betty, we really do have a great group! I’d definitely suggest checking out any of the local run clubs in your area, they all have a different vibe, but if you find one you click with it really is a lot of fun!

    • It’s funny, before I moved up here I followed a few people from this run club on Instagram and I was always jealous of all the fun stuff they were doing too! Funny how things work out : )

  3. I so wish I had access to a running club like that here! It seems like SO MUCH FUN! I’m so jealous! At least I have my CrossFit “club” where they cancel the night classes sometimes and hold kareoke night lol

  4. This is so awesome! I love that you guys had a running movie night in Marathon Sports. So cool. My run club does some non-running things… we just started a book club which I’m pretty excited about 🙂 My favorite running movie is probably Run Fatboy Run.

      • We’re starting off with The Maze Runner by James Dashner… partly as a nice, easy way to ease into our new book club, and partly because we loved that “Runner” and “Dash” are part of the title and author’s name! 🙂

  5. This looks like so much fun! I’ve never “clicked” with a group here but I hope that someday I might find a group that would work for me. What a great idea…I’m sensing this might become a tradition for you guys 🙂

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