Weekly Training Recap

In case you missed it this week I shared a few running and yoga related blog posts!

Zensah Ultra Compression Sleeve Review

Yoga for Runners – Hamstring & IT Band Stretch

Why I Walked Out of a Yoga Class

RECAP (3/16-3/22)

Monday – rest day (taught 1 hour yoga)

Tuesday – 5 mile run & 30 minutes yoga

More on this photo coming soon, but I got frustrated seeing so much trash on my runs, so I ran 5 miles and picked it all up!

Trash Running 2

Wednesday – rest day  

Thursday – 45 minute power water class (& taught 1 hour yoga)

Friday – 3 mile run

Saturday – yoga class fail (you can read about it here…)

Sunday – 5 mile run

Weekly Mileage –  13 miles 

2015 Mileage – 200 miles


Not nearly as much running as I would have liked this week, but my legs have felt tired so I decided to give them a break.  I’ve also been seriously craving all things yoga this week (which made the not so good yoga class I went to all the more frustrating!), I’ve been spending a lot of time researching yoga workshops, trainings and seminars in the area that I can add to my schedule in the coming months!

I’ve also been working on my fall race schedule!  So far the only thing “officially” on my calendar (i.e. I’m registered for) is the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November, but by the end of the week I’ll hopefully be decided on a fall full marathon!

IT Band Stretch

Stretching with Madison!



Who’s working on their fall race schedule?

Anyone planning on their “first” or a distance??

5 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. I’ve got that post-PR-race-registration-button-trigger-finger thing going on where I’m on a high and I want to sign up for every race. To get another PR. Bring on the fall race research! The one thing I am registered for and am freaking pumped about is WINE & DINE!!! Which my friend and I have decided will be a “PR in Fun” attempt, as she’s doing that crazy thing you did last year where you run NYCM one weekend and W&D the next. It will be my first W&D weekend and my first runDisney race since marathon weekend 2014, and I literally cannot wait.

  2. I was in a yoga rut and ordered another DVD so I have some new routines to do. I hadn’t done yoga in two weeks and I decided to change a rest day to yoga and I’m glad I did. I felt some tight muscles on Friday so I know I need to keep it up despite the rut.

  3. My husband and I are all signed up for Wine and Dine as well! This is our 4th year. I am signing up for the Columbus full in October. I am looking for some other halfs as well. Hopefully your legs will recover soon. I hate when my legs feel heavy and tired, but taking a little break always helps. 😄

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