Weekly Training Recap

Good morning friends!

Last week was a busy week between my spring semester classes starting and the snow continuing to pile up here in New England!  

It’s just about a month since the Goofy Challenge and as of right now I’m not currently registered for any races in 2015 – and it’s make me nuts!

I always like to have a race on the calendar to keep me motivated, so I’ve been doing some race research and I’m really hoping to choose a couple of spring races this week.  Since moving and going back to school though I’m also trying to keep an eye on my race budget a little more, so I’ll most likely be looking for some local stuff.

Then I really need to start looking towards the fall!  Who’s planning on doing a fall marathon?? I am leaning towards one, but there are so many great fall races to choose from it’s difficult!

RECAP (2/2-2/8)

Monday – 3 mile run (treadmill – yuck!) and 1 hour spin class

Plank – 1:10

Can you believe this was my first spin class ever?!?  I actually really liked it and definitely plan on going again, I’m sure it’ll be great cross training!


Tuesday – 30 minute pool Burdenko workout

Plank – 1:17

Wednesday – 4 mile run

Plank – :45 

Thursday – 40 minute pool Burdenko workout

Plank – 1:20

Burdenko Pool Training

Friday – 3 mile run

Plank – 1:27

Saturday – 90 minute yoga class

Plank – 1:11

Sunday – rest day

Plank – 1:36

Weekly Mileage –  10 miles 

2015 Mileage – 91.5 miles


Not thrilled with only running 10 miles this week, but between the snow and this being the first week of classes for the semester, there was a bit of a learning curve figuring out work, classes and workouts.  (Honestly, working at a gym definitely helps!)

I have class Tuesday & Thursday nights (3 hours of chemistry after a full work day – yuck!), so I opted to get in the pool for a quick water workout during my lunch break those days, I felt like it was a nice relaxing workout for such a long day!

I also stuck with my February plank-a-day challenge so far!  It’s been fun checking in with some Twitter friends every day for accountability!

Anyone workout in the pool or do spin?

What’s your favorite cross training?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Training Recap

  1. I love to swim and look forward to warmer weather when I can get back in the pool. Fitness classes are also something I am trying to incorporate in my weekly workouts at least twice a week.

  2. I did my first spin class recently, and I really liked it, but I’m having trouble finding a regular time to go cause my schedule is so nutty. Right now my favorite cross-training is taking Les Mills classes at the gym–CXWORX is my fave!

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