2014 Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide

With Thanksgiving just a few days away it’s almost time to start thinking about holiday shopping!

I love checking out all the gift guides that pop up this time of year, and this season I decided to share my own!  

Everything on the list below I actually own, use and LOVE – otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it!

**NOTE:  None of this post is sponsored and I received no compensation from any of these companies to include their products on my list, however as I made my list I did reach out to some of the companies to let them know I was planning on including them and they generously offered discount codes or giveaways for Live, Run, Grow readers, so be on the lookout for some special offers throughout the list!**

Danielle’s 2014 Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide

1.  Runner’s World Subscription or Running Books

Can’t get enough running information??  Be sure to add a subscription to Runner’s World or some running books to your holiday wishlist!

Amanda at Run to the Finish recently put together a great list of her top 50 running books if you’re looking for some ideas and the photo below has a few of my favorites (I can’t recommend The Long Run enough!).

Danielle's Bookshelf

2.  Road ID

This is a must have item for all runners and I’m SO embarrassed to say I only recently got one!  Not only is Road ID a form of identification should something happen to you while out on a run (bike ride, etc.), but it also has contacts listed in case of an emergency.  There are Road ID’s available for your wrist, ankle or to put on your shoe – they even make ID’s for your pet that attach right on to any collar!

Family Road ID

The engraved contact info is incredibly clear – I’ve just blurred ours out!

Road ID also recently launched a mobile application that uses eCrumb tracking and an emergency alert system to supplement the physical Road ID so your friends and family can literally keep track of you while you’re out on the roads!

Road ID has generously offered a $35 gift card giveaway!  

(See details at the end of the post to enter.) 

3.  Water Bottle

Having a great water bottle makes staying hydrated that much easier!

Jason and I personally love our Tervis products and there’s guaranteed to be a perfect one for every person since they not only come in all different shapes and sizes, but have designs ranging from sports teams to Disney, to holidays and animals!

Tervis Tumbler

4.  Socks 

Under normal circumstances, socks probably fall into the category of “not-so-great holiday gifts”, but running socks are a different story!

Any runner will tell you what a difference good running socks make, but boy can they be expensive!  A few pairs of running socks would make a great stocking stuffer!  My personal favorite socks are Swiftwick, I discovered them about a year ago and haven’t run in anything else since!  (You can read my Swiftwick review HERE)

Swiftwick 1

For 10% off your Swiftwick order use code “LiveRunGrow10”!

(discount code expires 12/26)

5.  Lock Laces

Ever struggle with your shoe laces staying tied on a run??  I tried Lock Laces for the first time during a triathlon this summer since I figured it would be easier to be able to just slip my sneakers on during transition and they were great!

I’m not sure why, but I never ended up ordering more to switch over the laces in my other sneakers, but after my shoes came untied TWICE during a recent half marathon (and most likely cost me a PR since I missed it by only 27 seconds!), I’m planning on taking advantage of the great offer Lock Laces has going on right now (3 pairs for $23.99!) and getting myself a few pairs (not to mention maybe a few for stocking stuffers!).

Lock Laces


Lock Laces has given me several pairs to giveaway to you!

(See details at the end of the post to enter.)


Dealing with some aches and pains?? I was definitely skeptical about the benefits of kinesiology tape (I mean really, what could it possibly do?!?), but I finally gave in and tried some on my foot for my plantar fasciitis and now I use it for every long run!

Don’t ask me how it works (you can read about that HERE!), but it does!  I’ve tried a couple different brands of tape and had some trouble with it not staying on very well, but I’ve found that ROCKTAPE sticks for the long haul!  (I’ve had it last without budging for 4 DAYS!)

I also love all the awesome colors and designs ROCKTAPE comes in – check out this great argyle I used for the New York City Marathon!
Firefighters high five

7.  Medal Rack

Raise your hand if all your hard earned medals live in a shoe box in your closet!  Why not show off your accomplishments by hanging them on a medal rack!

There are plenty of options available out there, but one of the reasons I love Allied Medal Displays is because not only do they offer a wide variety of designs, themes and sizes, but you can also create a custom medal rack!

(I borrowed this photo of Pam from We Run Disney’s medal rack since mine hasn’t been hung since we moved!)

allied medals with medals

Photo courtesy of We Run Disney!


For 10% off your Allied Medal Display order use code “LiveRunGrow”!

(discount code expires 12/10)

8.  Project Repat

Now that we’ve taken care of your medals, what about all those race t-shirts??

I’ve been saving all mine to one day make a quilt out of them (not that I am anywhere near talented enough to make a quilt!).

Enter Project Repat!

Carlee Quilt

My friend Carlee and the Project Repat blanket she recently had made!

Project Repat even offers gift certificates so you can give a friend or family member the gift of up-cycling their race (or concert/ college/ sporting) t-shirts into a custom blanket!

For a more detailed look at Project Repat, and to enter for a chance to win $100 off a Project Repat t-shirt blanket, visit my 3 Year Blogiversary & Giveaway post from last week!

For 20% off your Project Repat order use code “repatlrg”!

9.  Race Registration

Registration costs can certainly add up – I sure know I’d love the gift of a race!

*It’s probably best to coordinate this one with the gift recipient so you don’t end up registering them for a race they’re either not interested in or not available for!*

10.  Gift Certificate

While it may not be the most creative gift, when in doubt you can never go wrong with a gift certificate!  For runner’s think local running store (Marathon Sports for me!), Amazon (cause what can’t you get on Amazon!) or a massage!

Discount Codes


  • Project Repat – $100 off a custom t-shirt blanket CLICK HERE TO ENTER
  • Road ID – $35 gift certificate
    • Mandatory:  Leave a comment letting me know one safety precaution you take when you go out to run.
    • Optional Additional Entry:  Follow @RoadID on Twitter (let me know you did or if you already do in your comment – include your Twitter handle!)
    • Optional Additional Entry:  Tweet & share the link (http://wp.me/p20h7V-1WA) to this Holiday Gift Guide post and copy me (@dnardi710) on it (let me know you did in your comment!)
  • Lock Laces – Win a pair of Lock Laces (I have several to giveaway!)
    • Mandatory:  Leave a comment letting me know your most frustrating running “wardrobe/ equipment malfunction” (i.e. shoe laces coming un-tied!)
    • Optional Additional Entry: Follow @LockLaces on Twitter (let me know you did or if you already do in your comment – include your Twitter handle!)
    • Optional Additional Entry: Tweet & share the link (http://wp.me/p20h7V-1WA) to this Holiday Gift Guide post and copy me (@dnardi710) on it (let me know you did in your comment!)

**This giveaway will remain open until midnight on Tuesday, December 2nd at which time the winners will be randomly selected and notified.**

Happy Holiday Shopping!

What’s on your wish list this year??

24 thoughts on “2014 Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide

    • Oh my goodness, it’s AMAZING how much better the ROCK TAPE sticks than KT, I’m so glad I ended up trying a different brand!

      (And the Red Sox cup is my sister’s boyfriend…I’ll pass on your approval : )

  1. I love lock laces! I have them on my running shoes and I’ve NEVER had an issue. I also have a Road ID and love it–just got a new one with my new married name 🙂 I also follow Road ID on Twitter (@raeisadarlin). Thanks for the giveaways!

  2. I’ve been looking into getting a Road ID for a while now, just haven’t bit the bullet and ordered yet. For now I try not to go alone but if I do, I make sure to tell someone my exact route and when I expect to be back. And I always bring my phone just case. I’ll have to look into the app but my phone is so old, it probably won’t work on it. My son has a pair of the Lock Laces just to make changing for PE a little quicker. I’ve never had any real wardrobe malfunctions on a run yet but having to stop mid-race to retie a shoelace would be very annoying! Thanks for the great list of ideas. I’m definitely going to Amazon to look for The Long Run for my Kindle!

  3. This is a super duper list! I’ve never read The Long Run so I may add that to my list. I noticed Born to Run on your bookshelf and as hard as I tried, I just could not get into that book so I put it aside. Maybe some other time. Right now I’m reading The Boys in the Boat which is about the men’s rowing team at the 1936 (?) Olympics. Pretty interesting.

  4. Love the socks comment, ha! Definitely breaking the cliche about them being a boring holiday gift! I gave the gift of Road IDs to young children in our family last year, the best!

  5. To be honest, I could do a better job with safety. Really all I do when running at night is stick to main roads and well lit parks.

    I’m following Road ID on Twitter: @lisarosengai

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