NYCM – A Quick Update!

Thank you to everyone for all the in person and virtual cheers yesterday!

If you were tracking me, you probably saw that I finished the New York City Marathon in 4:27:47 – a 7 minute 13 second marathon PR for me.

I’ll be working on a full recap to post in the next couple of days, but if you want the Cliff Notes version – it was windy and apparently all of New York City (except for the downside of the bridges) is built on an incline (not even sure how that’s possible!).

You also may have seen that I spent some time in a medical tent at the finish, so just wanted to let you know I’m fine!  I under fueled the last few miles and was dehydrated so as soon as I crossed the finish line I was totally out of it, lightheaded and shaking pretty badly.  Fortunately a medical volunteer recognized that I wasn’t looking so great and fast passed me directly to a medical tent.

A bunch of blankets, some Gatorade, and an apple later and I was feeling well enough to be on my way (just a side note, but the medical volunteers really were fantastic!).

Thank you all again for your support both for my run and for my fundraising for North Shore Animal LeagueI’m excited to share that my final fundraising total was $3,638!

Lots more on this race to come in the next few days!

NYCM Finish Photo

Patrick, me & Daniel after the New York City Marathon

15 thoughts on “NYCM – A Quick Update!

  1. And here you were thinking you wouldn’t even makie it across the first bridge! Knew you would rock it! Calypso was so excited, she just passed out. On my lap. After chowing down on leftover hamburger. Okay, maybe she passed out from overeating, but we’ll go with being overjoyedf at your PR!

  2. Fantastic race Danielle. Sorry you were sidelined by the med tent at the end, but you look fabulous in your post race pic, And a large PR…..Yay you

  3. Congrats on your PR!! Can’t wait to read your full recap. And of course, glad you’re ok. I’ve been at a few races where medical staff have identified people who needed help before they knew it (myself included). Glad they took good care of you, my friend!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Let the pattern of NY PRs continue (see, you have to come back and visit me to race!)

    And ummm, yeah, I wondered how in the Brooklyn half ALL of Prospect Park was uphill…NY is just special that way I guess! 🙂

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